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All I Do Is Win



Photo Attribution: Rick Smith

Consider this me officially kicking off the unofficial “how on earth is Brandon Weeden not even sniffing any Heisman love right now even though he’s one of the three best QBs in the United States” Heisman campaign. The title is a work in progress (I should probably shorten it), but it’s a starting point.

Oh and when we get rolled in College Station in two weeks forget I ever typed ANY of this.

I’m trying to be fair. Really, I am.

But the fact of the matter is that there are two things that matter as a college quarterback:

1. Winning
2. Scoring

We’ll take a look at how his passing numbers stack up in a later post (this is going to be a season-long series) but, with all due respect to Mr. DJ Khaled, all Brandon Weeden does is win.

You can see the numbers below (I went back and took games that these guys started and/or got the majority of the snaps in, and as a side note to that, I didn’t even use the Weeden/Colorado game even though that makes his record look even better):

He even matches up well (Yes, I know the sample size is small, but so is Denard’s and that doesn’t keep ESPN from falling tripping all over him and his shoelaces) on a historical level:

Yesterday I saw a few Heisman polls that had Robert Griffin in the #1 slot. Yes, the same Robert Griffin who is 13-15 in his career as a starter. Then a few others that were touting Denard Robinson as “the guy” (9-6 as a starter), Nick Foles as “one of the best passers in the country” (12-11), and Russell Wilson (21-16) as another one of the Heisman frontrunners.

Granted, the Heisman is not (and shouldn’t be) a career achievement award, but I’m not sure how you can look at the past body of work, assess a season in which Weeden’s team is in the top 8, and not throw his name in the mix. And yet the only place I’ve even seen it mentioned is over on Ubben’s Big 12 blog (always knew I liked that guy :)).

Q and I talked about this a little bit on the podcast the other day but Gundy’s quote from this week when he said, “there’s not many people walking the face of the earth that can make [some of his] throws. That’s just the way it is” is one of my all-time favorite OSU quotes.

So you can roll with Luck and his homeless person beard or put your hopes on the QB of an 8-4 team down in Waco. Personally I’ll take #3 and his 87% winning percentage and wicked-strong arm and we’ll see who’s still standing in December.

This is the first in a season-long series on the Heisman hopes of Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. Click here to read the rest.

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