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The Five Best Quotes from the Oklahoma State-Central Michigan Game



OSU got by Central Michigan on Thursday evening in underwhelming fashion. Here are five quotes that stood out from various folks involved after the first game of the season.

1. Mike Gundy on Mason Rudolph’s run

“That (play) says a lot. When you’re looking for the leader of your team, you want him to be the quarterback. That shows that he’s willing to make a play and put his body on the line, too.

“It was a good thing for offense at that time. Biggest play of the game for us. He moved around and made some plays with his legs. That’s such a threat for an offense – when a quarterback can move around.”

2. Central Michigan coach John Bonamego

“I thought they hung in there with a very tough opponent for four quarters, slugged it out and proved that they belonged on the field. I was pleased with the fight they showed. That’s got to continue, that’s part of what we are as a team, a university, as a school. It’s pride, it’s toughness.”

3. Glenn Spencer on getting the W

“I’d be a phony if I wasn’t ecstatic after a win … if I ever went in that locker room and said anything different. They know that. But they know we as a staff will be upset about some things.”

4. Mike Gundy on going to Mount Pleasant

“We had seen this team on film, and we knew this was going to be a tough place to win a football game. I don’t think the players picked up that sense of urgency until we got behind.

“These games are not easy. You come up here, and it’s raining, and you’re in a stadium where it’s just a little bit different for our players (the crowd totaled 19,717). If you don’t watch it, you can get caught, just about like we did. But our guys rallied in the second half.”

5. David Glidden on Mason’s run

“Obviously, in practice, he doesn’t get touched. But he’s more mobile than what a lot of people give him credit for. He’s a big old boy. And he can move. I think when he runs, he uses his size to his advantage.”


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