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The Morning Fade – 12.22.10



Chatmon makes the case for Meacham as OC – Interesting, and well-done. I won’t say too much on this though because we’re coming back this afternoon with a big post on who OSUs new OC should be.

John Helsley on Ray Penn’s role – “The Cowboys are now suddenly thin at the guard spot. Page can and will play some at the point, but is needed more as a scorer. Freshman Markel Brown’s development will receive a shove and sophomore Reger Dowell could also find more minutes.”

Haisten with a good piece on my two favorite players – “Among the 120 football teams in Division I-A, OSU is one of only five that played as many as 14 first-year freshmen this year.” That…um…bodes well for the future I’d say. has their 2011 poll out – They have us at #11. Two thoughts on that?: 1. I’m assuming that’s pending Blackmon/Weeden decisions and 2. We’ve been there before….

Cool post from Ubben on what Big XII assistants make – I just don’t understand how Holder was signing a paycheck for the same amount to (possibly) the best offensive coordinator in the country…and Joe DeForest. But it is pretty cool that our assistants are in the top 10 nationally for most well-paid. I think that says a lot about where our program is at.

Short Fade today (more of a button hook), lots of material coming later today.

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