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The Morning Fade – 2.21.11



1. Berry Tramel on lack of great Big 12 games – “The Big 12’s 10 teams know who they will play and where they will play, but they don’t know when they will play. And that’s no small deal on campuses whose autumn activities are built around football.” It’s a well-thought out article and begs great questions like, “what is Fox Sports going to do when Iowa St. and Kansas are locked in 9-6 snoozefests and the only companies that want to advertise for them are those promoting any and all kinds of non-drowsy medicines?” (News OK)

2. Helsley with some strong thoughts on Reger Dowell – “Maybe it’s time to take a Dowell test run, beginning Monday night at Kansas. There’s no real reason to stick with what hasn’t been working, and Ford is searching for alternatives now and beyond, when the arrival of super-recruit LeBryan Nash will ramp up expectations.” (News OK)

3. OSU sweeps first home baseball series – Feel bad for Blake Barnes, you never want to be the guy who gives up the only run of the weekend on a HR. While we’re here, I’m going to start banging the drum for college baseball on this blog I think. The NCAA is doing its part and chopping games in half by changing metal bat standards, I think I can do mine and promote their sport. That and golf. I’m in. If you hate baseball just be forewarned. And if OSU gets into another 38-8 game with Arkansas Pine Bluff, forget I said any of this. (

4. Cowboys cut loose from Karron Johnson – This has to be the least surprising thing that’s happened around here since Cade Davis got that “improper benefits” slap on the wrist over the mani/pedi coupons he was receiving from boosters. Wait, that hasn’t hit the papers yet? I could have swor….. (News OK)

5. OSU sweeps OU in wrestling – “It was Spates’ [OU’s coach] final home appearance after 18 years as the Sooners’ head coach. He leaves with a 3-33-3 dual record against the rival Cowboys.” Wow…might want to rethink that “rivalry” label… ( News OK )

A lot of people have been asking me “was that Dowell thing for real? “do you think Dowell can run the point?” or “why hasn’t Dowell been playing more?” I thought it was for real if only because of how much swagger he played with. It wasn’t like he was just playing out of his mind and didn’t know where he was at. Now is he going to shoot 97% every game? No. But Travis Ford should keep playing him based on this quote alone…

“I just went out there and did what I could do. It wasn’t anything spectacular to me” – Reger Dowell

Good response….

I ran across this lengthy (but outstanding) interview Chris Ballard (Sports Illustrated) did with Bill Simmons in 2006. Lots in here on sportswriting, blogs, websites, and Simmons’ personal life. I’ll admit it, I was transfixed. Mark Cuban’s playoff plan actually has legs, if you’re reading this Mark, email me, I’ll write up to 7 posts a day championing your cause, we can talk money later. Lastly, if you’re following the BSJ Alabama stuff, here’s a good post by Dr. Saturday on the violation.

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