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The Morning Fade – 3.30.11



Travis Ford talks pretty candidly about what went wrong this year and his shortcomings as a coach. (News OK)

The Tulsa World has some of the same info but different quotes from Ford, it’s an equally good take. (Tulsa World)

OSU is looking into the Dez receiving improper benefits situation. I honestly just want all of this to go away and for the Cowboys to be able to move on. Objectively speaking, I think OSU does a terrific job with compliance and wouldn’t keep something this big from the NCAA. Remember it was the university that first suspended Dez for the Deion thing, not the NCAA. (Tulsa World)

The best bracket you’ve ever seen. I promise. (PBS)

Jeremy Smith wants to be the #1 running back. (Tulsa World)

Andrea Riley had a daughter yesterday who’ll probably be breaking my future son’s ankles in about 20 years when he’s running girls scout team in Stillwater. (Twitter)

If you’re not rooting for Kye Staley then it’s probably time for you to re-evaluate some things. (Tulsa World)

PBS did a documentary yesterday on the monetary pitfalls of college athletics. I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire thing yet but the parts I’ve seen are fascinating. (PBS)

Here’s your feel-good story of the day. Erik Ainge, former Tennessee quarterback was addicted to drugs during his career there but is turning things around now. His tale is pretty fascinating. (ESPN)

Fascinating read on why Fiesta Bowl CEO, John Junker, was forced to resign from his position. For those who don’t know he was making $680,000 in that position. (SI)

The story has OSU ties too. In this report (on page 204) Junker explains why he used Fiesta Bowl money to pay for his membership to Karsten Creek and Dave Martin defends him. (Fiesta Bowl)

Interesting stuff here from Scoop Jackson (I know…) on Colorado getting left out of the big dance. (ESPN)

It’s probably for the best that I can’t attend this…

Here are the highlights from the Texas series if you’re so inclined…

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