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The Morning Fade – 3.31.11



I wish my birthday was next month instead of this one. I want 9 of these. (Chris Vernon)

Gundy tactfully distances himself from Dez. (Tulsa World)

I think it’s pretty silly to think this doesn’t happen to or at every school in the country. (ESPN)

Good job here by Berry Tramel further eviscerating the Fiesta Bowl and giving props to a great book. (News OK)

Nash: “My mama told me to get (the hat). You gotta listen to your mama.” Ford: ““I’ve gotten to know (Nash) very well, he has a childish personality about him.” This should all go well, right? (News OK)

I’m probably going to post any story I ever come across about Holgorsen living in a hotel. (CBS Sports)

For those of you who think the Nike/Adidas thing doesn’t matter to recruits. (O’Colly)

Brilliance here by Stew Mandel on why VCU, Butler, Memphis, etc. should form a super-conference and call it…wait for it…the “Major League” (SI)

You’re going to snicker at what the tape says his vertical is to begin with, but by the end you’re going to be saying to yourself, “there’s no way…it’s way more than that”

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