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The Morning Fade – 4.15.11



Big weekend in Stillwater with the spring game and Remember the 10 run. Wish I could be up there but I’m still recovering from Augusta, all Twitter and email reports from the game are appreciated.

Loving this column from Kyle Fredrickson on Justin Blackmon. It’s so tough to take what I imagine was a very normal practice/media session and yank tidbits out of it like he does to wrap a column around. Well done. And if you can’t view because of the O’Colly paywall just email me and I’ll get it to you, it’s worth reading. (O’Colly)

Good stuff here from Chatmon on what fans think about the move of Bedlam to December. I love all the “man I’m just glad I don’t have to balance family and football on Thanksgiving anymore, now I can just focus on football!!” sentiment. Hilarious. (News OK)

Rosters are set for the spring game. Yawn. Although I will say I’m excited to see how three guys perform: Kye Staley, Justin Gilbert (because I care about everything he does), and Daytawion Lowe. (

Bedlam baseball is nasty again. I want some of this over the weekend and a sweep would be nice too. (News OK)

Great Kendall Hunter highlight video here. He has to be the rich man’s Marshall Moses in terms of how underrated he was. Two-time All-American, two-time All-Big 12 first team, and both would have been three-time if he hadn’t been hurt in 2009. Good luck Randle, Smith, Sims, and Roland…

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