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The Morning Fade – 4.7.11



No more basketball and still a week away from the spring game. Where else can we start today, but in Augusta. Looks like Rickie Fowler is learning how to wear his hat “correctly” and having a little fun with Bubba Watson (which if you follow either of these guys on twitter shouldn’t be a surprise to you). (NewsOK)

Speaking of Rickie…anyone want to see his wardrobe for the next four days? (Puma)

Finally, if you wondering how our Cowboys are faring down in Georgia…here’s your leaderboard. (Masters)

Like I said, things are slow right now. The only football article I could find was on the OSU web site. Is it me, or does Joe Wickline not get enough credit for the work he’s done the last three years? (OkState)

Great story in the O’Colly on Andrew Hudson. (O’Colly)

We’re going deep today. How about a little OSU tennis? Dropped a tough win to Andy Roddick’s brother and the Sooners. What I really want to talk about is the “swinging Pete” logo on the stands at the tennis courts south of the Colvin. I would love to see a Pete logo for every sport…we’ve already got the golf one. And maybe you’ve seen the team issue baseball gear of Pete swinging a bat. How about a basketball shooting Pete or cross country running Pete. And then make this stuff available for purchase. I’m just saying. (OkState)

Hard for me to post a link to the NCAA site given the Dez thing. I know I need to get over it and unfortunately Dez is making it easier for all of us to do that with his antics in Dallas. This is the home page for the NCAA golf tournament, which if you didn’t know is going to be played at OSU’s home course in Stillwater, Karsten Creek. $50 for 6 days, or $10 a day. I’d say that’s a price range no one can argue with. Let’s get out there and support the Pokes. (NCAA)

By posting this one I risk not only ever getting to participate on this blog again, but also my friendship with Pistolsguy. I think this is our first OSU/NASCAR link. That’s worth a click, no? (NewsOK)

In case you’re having withdrawals because you can’t watch NCAA games to avoid doing work. Here’s something that might help fill that void. Sorry, I don’t see a boss button though. Rickie Fowler is in their featured group, which I think means you can watch his entire round on this site. (CBSSports)

In case you’re looking for someone new to root for in the Masters, who isn’t named Tiger or Phil and who doesn’t have OSU ties…consider this guy, Bubba Watson. Prepare to get lost on his YouTube channel. After watching this one, click on the link that says “BubbaWatsonGolf” and watch “Bubba’s Place”. You won’t be disappointed. I’m on the Bubba bandwagon. Did anyone else just hear Dueling Banjos play when you read those two words together?

Okay…I’ve got to go get some work done so I can justify stopping when ESPN coverage kicks in this afternoon. Go Pokes!

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