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The Morning Fade – 5.10.11



Really intriguing ticket price stats Samuel Bryant looked at yesterday. How are our cheapest seats $130 more than A&M’s? (CRFF)

Rivals rankings are out…look who’s already locked up someone in the top 60. #54 to be exact. (Rivals)

Great stuff here from Seth Becker on what we learned from OSU this Spring. I love that he notes that our kick returns (both for and against) are, and will be, an absolute circus. Not sure about the seeming dismissal of the A&M game though, not sure why anyone would push that to the side really. (Holy Turf)

Ubben gave his evaluation of OSU’s schedule yesterday. With all due respect Mr. Ubbs, Baylor is not a trap game. Baylor is going to be a complete and total evisceration just as it was last year. Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s my schedule eval from last week. (ESPN)

Kendall Rogers says OSU blew their chance to host a regional by losing the series to TCU and drops them from #17 to #20 in the country. (Perfect Game)

OSU headed to Colorado for NCAA golf regionals. They have to finish in the top five of Georgia, Auburn, Arizona State, Clemson, Chattanooga, TCU, North Florida, New Mexico State, Northwestern, Colorado State, San Jose State and Denver to make the NCAAs. So keep your fingers crossed. (

Now THIS GUY is an OSU lifer. Anybody who remembers Sean Hugo’s bomb in the 1993 CWS off the two-time college player of the year is immediately legitimized in my mind…not that anyone else cares.

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