The Morning Fade – 5.13.11

Written by Kyle Porter

This is a little old but how pissed is Tiger that he has to run around with 2 Oklahomans and Tony Romo just because he spent a few years of his life with Notah Begay? (Arizona Republic)

Fascinating story by John Brock here on Sean Sutton who speaks to his drug addiction and said he’s always admired…Barry Switzer? (Sapulpa Daily Herald)

For anyone interested, the Big 12 track championships start tomorrow. (

OSU baseball returns home to face Baylor tonight at Allie P. Baylor sits at 9-12, good for 5th place in the conference while the Cowboys still have a realistic shot at the regular season title at 12-8, just 2 games back in the loss column from Texas A&M. (

Good stuff here from Chatmon on what the 49ers expect from Kendall Hunter. (NewsOK)

This is embarrassingly early but Scout has OSU in the Fiesta Bowl against West Virginia. Wouldn’t that be interesting/fun. (Scout)

The top 300 for 2012 hoops is out…and Baylor’s never-ending well of “resources” appears to have somehow gotten deeper. (Scout)

And speaking of Baylor, Pat Forde says they could win the Big 12 next year. (ESPN)

Really interesting study done here by RTC evaluating the 20 best college hoops coaching jobs. OSU isn’t on it, and maybe I’m biased (okay, I’m very biased), but when the boys and I discuss it we always have that job in the top 15 (objectively, of course). Also, I can’t agree with Texas as a top 10 job at all. (Rush The Court)

What is this? What is going on?

Also, here’s what Rickie is wearing at the Players this weekend. Big ups to for the tip. I personally enjoyed his Thursday outfit the most…though I hesitate to use the words “enjoy that outfit” more than like once a year.

  • Sean turned down 2 jobs this year? Wonder what those were.

    Loved the line from Bobby Knight: As I was talking, he told me to shut up, that I called him for advice and that I could speak when he was done talking.

    • Kyle Porter

      Jenks and Union?

  • Jonathan

    Once you get past the Top 15 BBall jobs it’s a crapshoot. At one point I definitely would have put OSU in their (and OU would have been close as well). They aren’t a Top 15 job right now, imo, You could argue them over Gonzaga and Purdue in the last 5 but not the others, imo. UT is definitely a Top 10 job right now. They have the facilities, the money, and the talent in state that makes them a Top 10 job. You could argue that with the right coach they would become a Top 5 job. Substitute Self, Izzo, Williams, etc., with Barnes talent and you likely have a few more Final Fours and at least 1 title in the last 10 years.

    Baylor is definitely dirty and everyone who follows recruiting knows it. It’s only a matter of time before they get busted. What’s crazy is all that talent can’t cover the fact that Scott Drew is clueless.

  • Jonathan

    I should add, one of the best ways to gauge the nature of the job is what has happened in a recent vacancy. Both OSU and OU had to go for 2nd (or 3rd) tier coaches in their most recent searches. Top 5 programs take their pick of coaches, 5-10 steal them from each other or from the Top 10-20. 10-20 have some sideways movement based on various factors and schools outside the Top 20 have to look to up and comers, assistants at Top 20 programs, or guys who are a bit past their prime but still good coaches (Kruger).

  • Nolo

    I’m about to Twitter this article if I can ever figure it out. The Thursday outfit is the best. Wouldn’t mind having Ricky Fowler’s wardrobe…

  • Jameson

    I’ll take all four of those outfits, pretty amazing.

  • i’m ashamed at how willing we are to talk about another man’s outfit. not that i disagree with it, i’m just ashamed of it.

  • David Einstein

    I think Baylor is going to compete for a title. I’m not sure I’d go on the limb and say they can win it though. They’ve been pumping out NFL talent for a couple of years now and Art Briles may very well be the best X’s and O’s coach in the league…so eventually, something has to give.

    There are a lot of players on that Scout list that OSU is going after next year. Wannah Bail, Marcus Smart, Archie Goodwin (has OSU offer), LJ Rose (has OSU offer), Willie Cauley (has OSU offer), Jordan Adams, and Omar Calhoun (has OSU offer).