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The Morning Fade – 5.6.11



Congratulations to all the OSU students reading PFB who are graduating this weekend. You’ve done a great job for the last four (or five or six) years and in two short months you’ll realize that what you learned in your classes is mostly meaningless and you should have played much more FIFA than you did. Cheers!

Terrific article in Rivals by Olin Buchanan on Justin Blackmon. If you can read this and not be excited about the football season then you should 1.) see a doctor immediately to check your vital signs or 2.) not like sports anymore. (Rivals)

Chatmon with some interesting thoughts here on how the schedule shakedown could negatively impact OSU. As if we needed a higher degree of difficulty to the already-ridiculous schedule. (News OK)

Tony Allen credits Eddie Sutton for helping him stay in the league as long as he has. This interview is only like 300 words long but I feel like there are at least 5 awesome quotes in it. Crap, I feel like everything TA says is a great quote. (News OK)

Ubben with the spring wrap on OSU. I know it goes without saying but it blows my mind a little bit that we’re returning nine starters on arguably the best offense in the nation. (ESPN)

Rickie Fowler is T7 after dropping a 68 at Quail Hollow yesterday (which he discusses in an interview here). Also, BVP is T27, Hunter Mahan is T40, and Charles Howell III is T77. (PGA Tour)

OSU gets it rockin’ with #8 TCU at Allie P. tonight in a great non-conference matchup. (

Morgan Hoffman was named SGA National Amateur of the Month. Golf awards like this that don’t involve the words “national title” are becoming kind of dead to me. Is this how UCLA felt in the 70s? Just kind of bored until their postseason run at the title? (SGA)

Jarred Shaw is catching the last bus out of Stillwater along with Roger Franklin and (presumably) Darrell Williams. My analysis: Michael Cobbins is going to need to be really really (like Sean May-level) good for us to be legitimated Big 12 contenders next year. (News OK)

I found this pretty humorous:

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