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The New Oklahoma State Basketball Uniforms



I hope I’m not upending the world of uniforms and soliciting threatening phone calls from my alma mater again by posting this picture of the new OSU hoops unis. I feel fairly safe about it though considering it’s on the front of right now.

Were these gray uniforms Markel, Keiton, Le’Bryan, and Christian Sager (yes, he’s a scholarship player) have on announced at some point and I just missed it? I had no idea they were adding these babies to their already-deep repotoire of jerseys and shorts.

I like them. The gray (just like the football gray) makes the orange pop really hard. Granted, it’s not like we’re talking cursive Cowboys or Lucas-era shorts here but for what we have right now (which, overall, seems kind of paltry to me) I think it’s a good addition.

And I could totally rock a pair of those gray shorts.

What do you guys think? Like ’em? Hate ’em? Neutral?

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