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The Nine Best Quotes from the Oklahoma State-West Virginia Game

Well, at least nine of the best I saw.



Oklahoma State’s media folks do a really good job of getting postgame quotes up online right away. Like, really good. West Virginia’s didn’t get them up until Sunday, and they only included quotes from the two head coaches. All that to say, I sort of pulled these quotes from all over the place and they’re late and incomplete [Alex Cate joke goes here]. Apologies.

Mike Gundy on the 4th down and goal in OT

“We got to the fourth down and the yard or yard and a half, whatever it was, but there really wasn’t any decision,” Gundy said. “I guess there was a decision [but] I had already thought that through.

“As soon as the overtime starts I had in my mind what we wanted to do if we got to fourth down, and that was to go for it unless it was out of the realm. Because I just didn’t feel like that if we kicked a field goal on the road, the crowd would have gone crazy knowing that all they had to do [to win] was score, and momentum was already against us.” (Go Pokes)

Dana Holgorsen on the 4th down call

”It was a good call on fourth down in overtime, to call a run after we stopped them all game,,”

Mike Gundy on his cardiac cowboys

“Well, I’m guessing that TV loves us. If you’re going to an Oklahoma State game, you don’t turn it off all the way until the final buzzer goes off. I’m really proud of our team. I don’t really have an explanation for everything other than they’ve been pretty resilient at the end of these games.” (Oklahoman)

J.W. Walsh on wanting this win for the seniors

“To come in and redeem ourselves from the last time that we were here, it’s a good feeling. Especially for our senior class and everybody else that was here. It’s a big win for us.” (O’Colly)

Emmanuel Ogbah on his TD

“It felt great. I didn’t actually know I scored. I just hopped on the ball and all of a sudden the referee signals touchdown. I was shocked just like everybody else.” (O’Colly)

Glenn Spencer on Morgantown

“Not a lot of people come in here and win on the road at night,” defense coordinator Glenn Spencer said. “We talked to the guys about that – ‘It’s different. It’s just different. They’ve got a big advantage.’ You felt it.” (Oklahoman)

Chad Whitener on Ryan Simmons’ absence

“Going into an environment like this, I asked him because he was here in 2013. He said, ‘It’s gonna be wild. It’s gonna be crazy. You just gotta ignore it and just play your game.’ He’s a real good mentor, being a fifth-year guy, and he’s smart as hell. We do this for Ryan Simmons. It’s originally his defense, and I’m just trying to step in and do my best.” (O’Colly)

Glenn Spencer on missing Simmons

I broke my rule never to text on game day. I texted him this afternoon. I said, ‘Hey buddy, we miss you and don’t ever forget you’re still a large part of what we are.’ He just hit me back and said, ‘Thanks coach. You don’t know what that means to me.’” (O’Colly)

Mike Gundy on his defense

“They were tired. It’s hard for me to say that because as a coach you always want to have your players in a position where they are not fatigued. We were a little tired. I think last week’s game and the game the week before that I think took some juice out of our players. It showed up a little bit with our football team tonight.”

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