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The OSU-Kansas State nerd box score, like most of the other ones, is grotesque

OSU didn’t even reach 300 yards and it wasted nearly all of them.



Nerd Box

At least OSU is consistent?

This advanced stats box score is as hideous as most of the other ones from the Big 12 season have been.

A few thoughts:

• You aren’t going to beat Stillwater High if you score 0.54 points per drive. It would take 74 (!) drives to score 40 points!

• It was pointed out to me recently that the average field position number on school websites is affected by kickoff returns for TDs. This is silliness. I took Kansas State’s out this time. They still torched us.

• We were 1/13 on offensive drives, eh?

• When you gain 260 yards and 67 percent of them are on “wasted drives” that’s subpar.

• I bet Kansas State doesn’t have 30 negative swing points total. Also, as long as we keep ourselves out of the red zone, we’ll look better at this stat for the rest of the year!

• The final score of the Texas game really is going to be 8-7, isn’t it?

• Lastly, this.

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