This is pretty much how I feel about this game too

Written by Kyle Porter


Thanks for summing it up, Will Clyburn’s dad.

  • dooley

    that game sucked. terrible on ball and help defense and shot selection on offense.

    If Forte isn’t hitting shots (1-7 from 3), what value does he have? He is a liability on defense and he has turned into a liability on offense. I’ve gone from thinking everything he throws up has a chance to go in early in the year to “no, don’t shoot that!”

    We pull Jurick so quickly because he got beat on one pump fake. How many times did we pull our other players when they got beat all night or were out of position. I’d love to see some of that with Nash, especially. He needs to up his effort defensively. I know we have been great defensively. I think a lot of that has to do with the combo of Jurick and Cobbins inside, and Smart outside, but man what a terrible game.

  • Okstate junior

    The only reason Forte is getting as much playing time as he has is because Ford still thinks he holds value. Mainly due to the fact that just last year he was coaching Keiton Page and thinks Forte could be the next Keiton. When in reality Williams and Kirby need to take more of the playing time away from Forte, and that’s what Ford is already beginning to do


  • JL

    Nash is a terrible defender. Period. He has no business guarding anybody on the perimeter. His stance on that one play on the baseline (the one the commentators were tearing apart) was just pathetic.

    Smart played great in the second half but the first half was pretty bad. Way too many 3s. And everybody is talking bad about Forte but has Ford ever thought of setting up any plays for the kid? He’s clearly a great shooter when he’s set but he’s constantly jacking up off balance or forced shots. He is just a freshman (not everybody can be Marcus Smart) so I’m gonna go easy on him…for now. However, I do agree about Williams getting more PT.

    Overall, though, terrible defense and we got killed on the boards. If we shoot bad like this in the tourney, we sure as hell better step it up on D to make up for it.