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Three OSU Football Players Who Could Help Mike Boynton and OSU Hoops

Who on Gundy’s team could help Boynton’s team?



Mike Boynton has found himself in the less than desirable position of being permanently shorthanded just as his Big 12 schedule is cranking up. He said good bye to Michael Weathers, Kentrevious Jones and Maurice Calloo this past week by way of dismissal and currently does not have enough filled roster spots to run 5-on-5’s in practice.

That’s an issue and one he will have to deal with by traditional means, starting with an open walk-on tryout held on Thursday.

But several members of OSU’s football team think that they could help and chimed in on Twitter including its two starting corners.

So that got us thinking. Who on Mike Gundy’s team could help Boynton’s? With tongue planted firmly in cheek, let’s take a look at three football players that could pull an R.W. McQuarters and boost OSU’s depth in hoops.

Two disclaimers: 1) All of the following played basketball in high school and 2) this is a blog post so try not to take it too seriously.

Jelani Woods

By virtue of his size alone, Woods would be an attractive option for Boynton. At 6 foot 7, he’s the tallest football player that doesn’t play on the offensive line and at 251 pounds he would be a load to move off of the block. He’s basically Cam McGriff plus 30 pounds.

And the Pokes are in desperate need of size in the frontcourt with the departure of Jones, Yor Anei’s affinity to foul and the scoring burden resting squarely on McGriff’s broad shoulders.

But Woods is more than just a bruiser in the post. He has soft hands, should be able to finish well at the rim, and should be able to pick up the playbook fairly quickly as a former QB. Woods earned AJC all-state honors in basketball his junior year at Cedar Grove High School in Georgia.

Cole Walterscheid

Walterscheid’s college football career may be over, but he’s still got the rest of this semester to play hoops. Why not move it from the Colvin over to GIA?

More size is always welcomed, but that’s not the only reason the 6-5, 260-pounder would be a boon for Boynton. The four-sport star averaged a double-double for Muenster High and earned all-state honors. That instantly provides for two needs at OSU: scoring and rebounding.

The Cowboys just lost 13 points and 5.8 rebounds per game on a team that ranks ninth in the Big 12 in scoring and seventh in rebounding. One caveat: I have no idea what state his eyes are in, but Cole has to wear goggles a la Horace Grant.

Rodarius Williams

Not only because he tabbed himself as a 3-point specialist above — though even a joke about that might make Boynton ? — but “Lee Lee” could add needed depth in the backcourt and play both on and off the ball. Think more physical, less-polished Lindy Waters (minus a couple inches).

Williams measures in at 6 foot even, but that’s still taller than both Keiton Page and Phil Forte, and with his rangy arms I have no doubt he could get his shot off.

Also receiving votes: Spencer Sanders, Mike Scott, C.J. Moore

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