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OSU Basketball to Hold Walk-On Tryouts in Wake of Player Dismissals

Boynton and Co. are searching far and wide to fill their roster with bodies.



In the wake of an extreme outflux of players on OSU’s basketball roster, starting last week with graduate transfer Mike Cunningham and culminating Wednesday with Michael Weathers, Kentrevious Jones and Maurice Calloo, Mike Boynton is opening the floor to Colvin Center stars to try their hand at joining the team.

A day after the latter trio was dismissed from the team for an alleged vandalism incident, OSU’s Twitter account put out the following call for walk-on tryouts scheduled for tonight at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Now, before you go drop your 8-5 accounting gig for a shot at the big leagues, here are the requirements to keep in mind before you waste your gas money to get up to show off your skills.

  • Be a full-time OSU student
  • Be within your five-year NCAA eligibility window (first enrolled in fall of 2014)
  • Have proof of health insurance
  • Have had a physical within the last six months
  • Proof of a sickle cell test

With the latest round of dismissals on Wednesday, OSU needs all the bodies it can get. Boynton and Co. are down to only seven scholarship players on the full roster (eight including Trey Reeves, who was put on scholarship for the rest of the season), and nine players overall. They don’t even have enough to run 5-on-5 in practice!

“This is another new one for me,” Mike Boynton said Wednesday in the aftermath of the news. “I think I got nine players eligible for practice. I keep myself in shape, maybe I’ll help out a little bit, and I think I got a coach in Coach (Scott) Sutton, who could make a jump shot back in his day, and Coach (John) Cooper, who could maybe rebound some. So, maybe our assistant coaches will have a little bit more work load. We’re prepared. We’re here for these kids. At the end of the day, that’s our job is to make the kids here have a great experience moving forward no matter what.”


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