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Three Questions: Adam Kramer



Adam Kramer is a national college football blogger (Kegs & Eggs) and writer (Bleacher Report), a lover of fat guy touchdowns, a connoisseur of MACtion and everything else that’s great about college football. You can follow him on Twitter here and read his blog or his stuff for BR.

1. You’re a big fan of college football teams that are capable of going HAM. Where does OSU rank on your “could go HAM at any point and I definitely need to monitor their game” scale?

Very, very high. I know Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden are gone, but I’m not sure it matters. Another marquee target will break out and Wes Lunt will prove to be a monster when it’s all said and done. Hell, that moment could come sooner rather than later.

That offense alone is worth the price of admission, and Oklahoma State has gotten over the plateau of being a one-trick pony. They’re not just “that team that throws it a lot” anymore, and I see them as a yearly force.

With that said, I’m still watching every game they play because you are likely to see big plays, points and some strange things. Mike Gundy could dance also, and I wouldn’t want to miss that.

2. OSU is 8-1 to win the Big 12 and has an over/under of 8.5. Do you like or dislike either of those numbers?

Both numbers are very intriguing, and this team is tremendously undervalued. I believe winning the Big 12 will be a taller task, although 8-1 is incredibly tempting. I’m staying away from that, however, but I will bite on the win total.

I could absolutely see nine wins on this schedule, especially if Lunt is able to find himself early on. We’ll learn a lot about this team (and this bet) on September 29th when they play Texas. Road games at Oklahoma and Kansas State will be a challenge, but they can drop those and still hit that number.

3. I’m trying to think of a clever way to sneak a Dana question in here but screw it, just tell me your favorite thing about him…

I think my favorite thing about Dana Holgorsen – other than his free-spirited hair and his love for the blackjack table – is his style. It feels like he’s been coaching much longer than he has, which is a testament to the influence that he has had in a short period of time.

There’s a bit of “mad scientist” in him, and he might have the most HAM surrounding him. Fun, different, brilliant, odd, weird – it all fits him, and he’s just getting started.

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