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Todd Monken on Wes Lunt



NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at ArizonaPhoto Attribution: US Presswire

I usually just snag snippets of the presser and drop them into the quote-posts you see throughout the week but Monken talking about Lunt this week was really fascinating. Some of his quotes are below…

If he breaks a bunch of records, that means we are in bad shape. We want to be able to run the ball and control the clock.

That’s an interesting way to look at it. Basically with Weeden you just pointed him at the Big 12 media guide and said “destroy that.” Same offense, different philosophy this season.

It’s not hard to see that he’s got an unbelievable demeanor, a pocket presence and he is very accurate. There weren’t many balls he threw that you thought were not accurate. Even when he threw into coverage, it was on the money. The flea flicker, the post, the balls were right there.

I lost my mind when the Pac-12 announcers were chastising him for the flea flicker ball as if it pinballed off of Arizona’s entire secondary. If Tracy Moore had glue on his right glove, he would have caught it. That’s how sick that ball was.

Also, how often do you hear a coach call his QB “unbelievable” five quarters into his career?

If we can get him to know where to go with the ball, protect him and run well, they’d better have some good defenders because he’s going to throw it accurately. Just like Brandon Weeden, he is going to put it on the money. He has a level head, and he is going to make a lot of plays and a lot of throws.

Aaaaaaaand there’s the Weeden comparison.

You just see it through the way the guy handles himself. He has an uncanny ability to move around and make accurate throws. When he gets it, he is going to be really good.

[goes outside, sprints a lap around new neighborhood, wishes cigarette smoking was in the repertoire…tries to calm down]

He’s the kind of guy that really likes figuring out puzzles, and those guys are the kind of guys you want, the guys that dissect stuff in their mind.

This is the part that just slayed me. Is he a Rubik cube champion? Does he do Sudoku on the plane? I have so many questions…

I mean, he doesn’t say anything in film. He sits there and you stare at him and wonder if he’s even listening, but he is. He is just figuring it all out, and he is always just replying `yes, sir.’ I cuss at him, and he just says `yes, sir’ so he has an easy, calm demeanor that is hard to explain. He just figures stuff out.

I’d be better at my job if Monken cussed at me too. No I wouldn’t, I’d just want to die.

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