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Top 10 Comments of the Week: Crootin’ 3-Stars, Golf Talk, Bill Snyder Cameo



There were not a ton of high rated comments this week, but the cream rose to the top and were easily distinguished from the rest. The offseason is can be slow, but you guys really keep things fun in the comment section and I enjoy my residence there. As always click on the number of upvotes to take you straight to the comment. Enjoy the weekend!

No. 1 – Crootin’ 3-Stars

Bbjd: Good piece. It is important to remember that 129 other teams play D-1 football and sometimes looking at things from just the Oklahoma State perspective really handicaps our knowledge of what is actually going on. (15 Upvotes)

Bbjd dominated the comments this week with two of the top three comments. Both of them were level-headed, thoughtful, and obviously well received. Congrats to Bbjd and here’s to more comments like these. ?

No. 2 – I’m Sorry I Can’t Tell if You’re Trolling

Chris Stover: Yeah not a surpise. His Dad looked bored. Honestly why would you write this article on here. If you wanna mention it in a future article ok but quit with the OU bullcrap. We don’t care.
BulldogCowboy: I look for this genre of comment every time an article mentions OU in any way whatsoever and I have yet to be disappointed. (14 Upvotes)

This was one of the most commented-on articles of the week. Many people seemed to care. (Also, say “Chris Stover” really fast and comment what you hear.)

No. 3 – Words of Wisdom

Like I said earlier, more comments like this!

Bbjd: I think it is funny people are disappointed when a 3 star picks OU over Okstate but if the same kid signed with Okstate pre OU offer they complain about it being another 3 star.
This kid is very talented and it is a loss that we didn’t get him but I also trust Henson to fill out a talented oline. Not the end of the world at all Henson has been looking around the nation for talented Olineman and I’m confident he will get a nice class for ’19 to match what he did in ’18. 

No. 4 – Walk-on U

Tayvl: There probably isn’t a community more supportive of walk-ons than the OSU community. Excellent decision.
MaximusOkstate: There is an old man to your north in a cotton bowl sweater writing you a handwritten note of disapproval right now. But I understand your sentiment.

Even at 9 upvotes I feel this comment is underrated. DK.Okstate corrected your typo: you spelled “windbreaker” wrong.

No. 5 – Primal Instincts

BulldogCowboy: I look for this genre of comment every time an article mentions OU in any way whatsoever and I have yet to be disappointed.

It’s like when a fighting bull sees the color red, but with crimson instead: Insta-triggered. ??

No. 6 – Unfair Advantages

Dustin Mayfield: So maybe the WCWS should be played on a neutral site to avoid any unfair advantages.. (7 Upvotes)

I don’t think this is the best comparison, but I understand the reasoning and sentiment that got you here. I know you probably know this, but technically the WCWS is a neutral site and the home of the USA national team, so it’s just different.

No. 7 – Big 12 Revenue and Discussion

Chris Baker: This combined with what’s being doled-out by the Pac 12 and the ACC is a clear indication the Big 12 brass knew what they were doing when they didn’t just add UH and BYU just to add someone. They would have added little to nothing to the total revenue and we would have two more mouths to feed. (6 Upvotes)

Couldn’t agree more.

No. 8 – Sour Grapes

Chris Saxon: When you play a course 8 times in 6 days, you ought to have a pretty good feel for the roll. Give me a break with the sour grapes. (6 Upvotes)

There’s still a large advantage playing on your home course, but we’re on the same page here. The losers are upset at their shortcomings and this is an easier pill to swallow than “they were way better than us”.

No. 9 – Jacob Criswell’s Recruitment

StillOriginal: if he takes a trip to Stillwater he’ll find everything he’s looking for

No. 10 – Boynton is Building

Andy Deck: Coach is taking the right steps (recruiting, scheduling, attendance?) to give the Pokes every opportunity to move up the NCAA basketball ladder. Well done


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