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Top 10 Comments of the Week: Football Scheduling, QB Battle & Running Back Rankings



It’s Friday, which means another edition of the Top 10 Comments and only a few hours separating all of us from Memorial Day Weekend. Many of this week’s comments are lengthier than you’re probably used to, but they’re in response to topics that require more thoughtful answers. With that said, I hope you enjoy and have a safe, fun weekend with your families.

No. 1 – Three Horse Battle for QB1

The Oil Baron basically towers over Sanders and Brown at 6’6″… probably not important, but interesting.

Chris Baker: I have a player I would like to win, but in all honesty, I feel really good about the QB position going into the 2018 season. Sure, we’re lacking P5 starting experience no matter who we go with, but beyond that the prospects are solid. We have the best QB in the state of Texas who would likely have been a five star player had he signed with UT. He has a sky high ceiling and looks every bit the part. We have in Dru Brown a kid who can run and throw and has D1 game experience and confidence to boot. And finally, a 6’6″ 230 lb 5th year walk-on who if he wins the job, is presumably better than the other options for at least one year, and that is saying something. Despite personally hoping TC wins the job, I do not see the QB position as a weakness next year no matter who wins the job, any of the competitors who beats our the other two has to be solid, and whomever they are, they will become my favorite QB in college football. (11 Upvotes)

No. 2 – Pokes Post Perfect APR Score

The only Power 5 school to do it in both football and basketball. This is a massive accomplishment that reflects on the academic staffs, coaching staffs, and the student athletes.

KLG0919:What a turnaround! It’s a sad statement that this isn’t considered the highest accomplishment in college athletics. Basically, no one outside of the OSU faithful will care. Nevertheless, this is a proud moment for our university!! (10 Upvotes)

No. 3 – Football Scheduling

Give us the fun matchups!! Folks pay a lot of money to journey to Stillwater and bake in the sun for 4 hours, give them an entertaining game.

Chuck Hustle: I think this comes down to what are they playing the games for? A championship? Or the fans? Coaches will say both… But odds are year in and year out, OSU will rarely compete for a CFP. We don’t have the pedigree and we are in a “weaker” conference in the eyes of the CFP committee. They want to make money and OSU doesn’t bring that. And when OSU does challenge for the CFP, it will be because they have an excellent team that beats everyone on their schedule. Like the 2011 team for example. That team likely would have beat not only Tulsa but a Auburn or Tennessee that year because they’re excellent. But those teams are rare for OSU. So most of the time, it’s arguable that OSU is playing for the fans every year. So give the fans what they want…. entertainment. I will probably not watch us play UTSA or South Alabama because it’s not interesting. I’m guessing it’s not as fun for the players either. To me, I could care less if we go to the Alamo Bowl versus the Camping World Bowl. They’re all the same, played during the work day and usually boring. The only time we are going to compete for a CFP invite is if we have a perfect team. That might happen every 5 years or so…. so maybe I should be ok with that. But when those 5 years roll around and we’ve built up a squad and we have Penn State and Oregon on the schedule that year, it’s going to be hard to ignore us. 

It’s arguable we’d recruit better if we gave these kids the chance to play top teams from other conferences as well. I doubt losing those games would impact our current recruiting either.

I tend to believe that if the 2011 team had a South Carolina or a Michigan State win coupled with the Arizona win, they would have been invited to the national championship over Alabama. We’ll never know….

In short, we’re better off playing and losing to Power 5 teams in the non conference that we are destroying UTSA. Just an opinion.(9 Upvotes)

No. 4 – #RankingsSZN

I have Randle and Hunter at 1 & 2 followed by Justice Hill. I want one more season out of him before I’m willing to put him above those guys, but I understand if you can.

Isiah Smith: In my opinion. Kendall Hunter was in a different league than Jo Randle. I got:
1. Hei5man
2. Kendall Hunter
3. Jo Randle(7 Upvotes)

No. 5 – “Get Arkansas on the Freaking Schedule”

I’d love an annual home-and-home with Arkansas. It would be an instant rivalry solely because calling the hogs challenges ‘boomer sooner’ on the scale of annoyingness.

Tyler Scott Coble: Does OSU want to be taken seriously on a national landscape?? My take is by all means YES!!! Give me all the neutral site non-cons you can!!! And for Pete’s sake, get Arkansas on the freaking schedule, I don’t care how, just do it!!!(9 Upvotes)
Pistols Fired!!: I haven’t signed in to comment in a month or so… but YES, Arkansas on the schedule, the 412 series should be played in EVERY sport in which both field a team. YES, all the NEUTRAL SITE non-con games you can get for the exposure. As for home and homes with bluebloods… meh… I am okay either way.(6 Upvotes)

No. 6 – #Dax2Stilly

I had to Google “intravenously” too. It’s okay, every now and then Kyle breaks out a word I’ve literally never seen before. This was one of those times.

Andrew Pottinger:After googling to confirm, I believe…”intravenously inject it directly into my veins.” is repetitive.(8 Upvotes)

No. 7 – Calling Out the Mike Holder Haters

I won’t go so far as to call anyone an idiot for not appreciating Mike Holder, but you’re wrong if you don’t think he’s done an incredible job at Oklahoma State.

tomg: The people that don’t appreciate Mike Holder are idiots and as fans they have that right to be wrong. They may be idiots due to their ignorance of his HOF accomplishments which are rarely cast in their proper light. Others choose outrage at poor individual decisions when they don’t like the outcome later. Same people who forget the pat on the back for the dozens of spot on decisions for every error. Most people don’t understand leadership, but the guy who does make sure oSu hired this unqualified AD. Let that sink in as Boone had the money to bring in a hired hand, but he knew what he had in MH. MH accomplishments are amazing for any AD, let alone for a guy that never spent a day in his life preparing to be AD.(7 Upvotes)

No. 8 – Boise State Might Bully OSU

If we lose to Boise State count on Gundy to never schedule another formidable opponent in the non-conference ever again.

Chris Putnam:Everyone seems to think that OSU will beat Boise St next fall and start 6-0. Boise St has a Qb that will be in his 4th year starting, return 4 on O Line and 9 on defense. That might be a much tougher game for a team looking for its identity….(7 Upvotes)

No. 9 – HEI5MAN

The fact Chris Carson, who was RB2 during his senior year behind a true freshman, was a productive NFL back before his injury might speak volumes about Justice Hill. Maybe he should be No. 1…

Guest: Chris Carson had a decent season before his injury, hopeful that he will return in good health next year for the Seahawks (6 Upvotes)

No. 10 – Daxsanity

Ha! The ending! Nice way to bring this week to a close Jeremy.

Jeremy Beers: His highlights are ridiculous! Would definitely love to see him on the field as a Cowboy but I understand that being able to choose from ANY team in the country to play for would be an exciting experience for a high school kid. Good luck wherever you choose! Well unless it’s OU of course. (6 Upvotes)

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