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Top 10 Comments of the Week: Gundy’s Tennessee Texts and Averette’s Departure



Let’s get into the top ten comments of the week.

1. On BA’s Hustle

OrangeAndBlack: Thank you Brandon for giving 110% every time you were on the court. Best of luck wherever you go. (15 Upvotes)

Averette was heavily scrutinized for his play with OSU, but you’ll never be able to knock his hustle. He embodied Boynton’s #LetsWork mentality and I appreciate what he brought to the table. Hope he finds success at his next school.

2. On Averette’s decision to transfer

Pokelahoma: Illinois still has 4 open scholarships. (13 Upvotes)

Thanks to y’all I know more about Illinois basketball than I do my hometown high school team. This is some high-quality trolling though! I love it.

3. Boynton’s trajectory

Bbjd: Huge Statement by Holder and company. I’m very happy to have Coach Boynton leading this program.
Oklahoma State is a school that likes to turn it’s coaches into local legends. Sutton, Gundy, Smith, Iba etc.. Boynton is young enough and talented enough he could build something very special in Stillwater. (13 Upvotes)

I’m very excited, and relieved, that Boynton inked his extension. Mostly because it means we’re not going through the coaching carousel for the third time in three years. Eager to see what Boynton does in the next few seasons as momentum continues to rise.

4. Cardiac Cowboy Brandon Averette

Okstate2011: He always gave me a heart attack when he had the ball…. Best of luck to him where ever he lands. (12 Upvotes)

Just as he embodied the #LetsWork mentality, he embraced the true meaning of Cardiac Cowboy. My heart skipped a few beats, also, when BA was pressured when handling the ball.

5. It’s A Coach Thing

Darth: “We’ve got quality young people in the organization that will step up for the departure of Mason (Rudolph) and James (Washington) and Tre (Flowers) and those guys.” Oh sure, they graduate and he finally learns their names. (12 Upvotes)

It’s one of my favorite unspoken rules that coaches don’t address players by their first name until after they graduate the program. It’s still weird when they actually do, though. The fact he grouped everyone else together as “those guys” makes me wonder if he actually doesn’t know the rest of their names and didn’t want to mess them up.

6. Holder Knows What He is Doing

Chris Baker: What a difference a year makes. I have to give credit where credit is due, and Mike Holder deserves some credit. He knew this would be the last Men’s Basketball hire he would make as the AD and could define how he left, and to some degree his legacy. He took a chance on a young, intelligent, passionate coach with no head coaching experience, and by all accounts hit a home run. I couldn’t be more thrilled with Boynton, and if the fans continue to build and support this team, why not us? (8 Upvotes)


7. Can You Imagine

John P Stover: one step closer to his words of bringing a banner to GIA. (7 Upvotes)


8. Gundy’s Tennessee Texts

Bbjd: Anyone who has dated since texting became popular can understand what was going on in this conversation. (7 Upvotes)

Gundy wasn’t playing hard to get. He was just playing for fun, and, you know, to get a raise.

9. Most Underrated Comment of the Week

Ty: Gundy is a Natty Light away from being homeless in that video. (7 Upvotes)

He really is!

10. Mike & Mike

Tom: Website #content suggestion: find a Washington State fan website and have a “Who Won the Week” contest between Gundy and Mike Leach every week. Press conference quotes, outfits, tweets, facial hair – all factors in who provided the most entertainment. (7 Upvotes)

This is an incredible idea. An idea that might need a website of its own. I want Gundy and Leach to start their own podcast. Can you imagine the topics they would cover?

Honorable Mentions/My Favorites

James: I think we should start calling him Izzy (No D).

I spit up my coffee.

Pistol Rick: I would like to think Mike was trying to beat his high score on his solitaire app all day and was texting Currie back as quickly as possible mid game to not ruin his time.

I think this is a realistic scenario.

Matt Belanger: Mike’s second year is an 8% raise, with it going down in % every year. Seems pretty modest and a great deal for a young coach that got the nation talking in his first year.

I agree with Matt I think it’s a great deal for both parties. I can hear the argument that the contract is “too long,” but it’s not like we’re breaking the bank. This was a deserving bump.

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