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Top 10 Comments of the Week: New Video Board, Washington’s Athleticism and more



It’s been a minute since we’ve recapped the site’s top 10 comments. Let’s hop to it.

[Ed. note: Everyone please welcome our new intern, Grant, to the site. We’re excited to have him on board].

1. On James Washington’s 2 Touchdown Catches vs. the Packers

CowboyInKansas: I submit to you further evidence that any WR prospect who doesn’t at least give OSU a hard look is out of their mind. (14 upvotes)

This is right on point. The Pokes reload every year at WR and are put in positions to make plays and put up big numbers. That seems to be reflected in the caliber of receivers OSU continues to sign, and those that have OSU on their short lists. I don’t think anyone needs to worry about the WR position in Stillwater.

2. The NCAA Video Game Simulation that has the Pokes finishing 7-5

Pistol Rick: Give me the sticks and ill win the natty with this team. (11 upvotes)

I’m not sure if you’re more of a PlayStation or XBox guy, Pistol Rick, but I like the optimism. I’ll take anyone on the sticks and expect them to beat the 7-5 simulation.

3. The new Video Board is massive….

Winning Comment: This photo the athletic department sent out yesterday with the TV in the background… just incredible! (10 upvotes)JumboTron Pic

Everyone can agree that the video board is massive. But I am more curious to see how it helps the in-game experience for fans at BPS. We will know soon!

4. Oklahoma State’s Offense this Season

PokenBeans: With the backs we have, running that jet sweep once or twice could really open up the receivers by just putting a back in motion. (9 upvotes)

Agreed. Potentially having speedsters like Tyron and Chuba in motion could make safeties/corners bite on the motion, allowing the slot receivers to sneak behind the DBs.

5. More on the NCAA Video Game Simulation

BA: As someone who works with data for a career, don’t read too much into one video game simulation. They could run that thing again and have us at 10-2. However is still fun to look at. (8 upvotes)

I’ll take your word for it when it comes to data analytics, BA. Seems that the 7-5 simulation could be an outlier.

6. The President deserves more comments like this

Mark: The amazing thing about Washington is his ability to use moves that wouldn’t typically be necessary based on the trajectory of the football. Meaning, that pass was not high. There wouldn’t have been a need to jump for it EXCEPT for the fact that the defender was in the way. James jumped up in order to get his hands in front of the defender (legally) and catch the ball. That was incredible. (8 upvotes)

Yup. Washington’s athleticism doesn’t stop with speed and leaping ability. It continues with his light feet and flexibility. Maybe the Karate that he took growing up is still paying dividends.

7. More on the Pokes’ Offense this Year

Chris Saxon: Things this team can’t do that last years team could. 1. Nothing. Things this team can do last years team could not do. 1. Zone read QB run

Look I know Mason used the zone read effectively. But, he did it rarely and it was successful because it was such a surprise. With Corn it’s a game breaker play that defenses will be forced to honor. This offense will be more dynamic with this one substantial add vantage. Couple that with Corn’s ability to extend plays with his feet and I can’t help but think this may be the best offense OSU will field since 11. (7 upvotes)

Not so sure that this team will be able to sling it around like Rudolph could to Ateman and Washington. But I do agree that all 3 QB’s on this roster will be more of a running threat than Rudolph was during his career.

8. The Urban Meyer investigation is ending

Chris Saxon: When an investigation has a planned ending date, it also has a planned outcome. (7 upvotes)

*holds breath*

9. 5-Star Armando Bacot committed to UNC last week over OSU

Blake: Choo Choo all aboard the Avery Anderson train!! ?? (6 upvotes)

Bacot would have been a program-changing signee, but Avery Anderson could certainly make a big impact in a Cowboy uniform should he choose to join Boynton & Co.

10. On Boone’s Favorite Uniform Combos – Ramon!

AluminAZ: I’m just here to say how much I enjoyed seeing that pic of Ramon with the interception again… (6 upvotes)

Ramon had an uncanny ability to drive fans crazy (like myself) on one play, and then turn around and make a game-clinching interception just a possession later. I’ll be interested to see who slides into that roll this year.

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