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Top 10 Comments of the Week: Washington’s First NFL Check and Daxsanity



Another Friday, another edition of the Top 10 Comments of the Week. We explore a wide range of topics this week, and as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on our articles. Enjoy your Friday and be safe this weekend.

No. 1 – James Washington’s First NFL Paycheck

The GIF lord Adam M. comes in at the top of this week’s edition. I’m surprised it wasn’t for a GIF quite frankly, but I agree with him. James Washington is very down-to-Earth and I admire that.

Adam M.: He is incredibly refreshing. (20 Upvotes)

No. 2 – Spencer Robalsholphden

I’m pretty proud of that last name mashup ^. We’re going to have a QB battle for the ages this fall. Buckle up!

James Abernathy: Tell me why I suddenly want to run through a wall for this guy? Could we see a final combo of what we’ve always wanted? Z. Robinson athleticism, Walsh Leadership, Rudolph\Weeden arm? This kid is going to be so special on the field. What is great tho is having ANOTHER stand up young man as the face of the program. Not mug shots. This young man was born to be a Cowboy. (20 Upvotes)

No. 3 – Boynton’s Crootin’ Skills

The 5-Stars will come in time. Patience padawan.

Gallagher? I Hardly Know Her!: YESSSSSS. Boynton is a killer! Answers the “But can he recruit?” question pretty well. No he didn’t land a ton of 5 stars but that’s a heck of a class to pull together in his first year…. (14 Upvotes)

No. 4 – Destination Dax

Would you rather Daxton Hill go to OSU or not go to OU?

jt: Definitely want the young man to make the choice that’s best for him. I’m just hoping that choice either takes him to Stillwater or takes him to anywhere but Norman. (12 Upvotes)

No. 5 – Spencer Sanders Found the Right Fit in Oklahoma State

This is one of the more thoughtful comments you’ll see on the site. I appreciate what Mark added to the conversation on the original article. Show love to more comments like this.

Mark: It’s easy as a bystander to see recruits as cookie-cutter molds, and whoever is the best “salesman” wins their services. Interviews like these however, really emphasize the fact that these kids have individual personalities and finding the right fit on both sides – program and recruit – is essential for success. (12 Upvotes)

No. 6 – Geography Likelekelekeke Not the Determining Factor

This comment received enough upvotes to make the top 10, but 11 still isn’t enough. This is funny!

Edmond Poke: Hopefully, good timing with the momentum of Calloo coming on board. As far as geography, Stilly is actually 50 miles closer to Mansfield than is Lubbock! But, that’s Likeleke not the determining factor… (11 Upvotes)

No. 7 – Rudolph’s Rocket

Rudolph lacks no arm strength. His issues are with consistent accuracy.

Chris Baker: I like Tucker’s comments about Rudolph having a strong arm. This stands in stark contrast with what a few “experts” said about his arm strength being lacking. We’ve watched him throw deep ball after deep ball with great accuracy, he throws the deep out from the far hash with velocity and accuracy. I always scratched my head at that specific critique, because, well it’s dumb AF. (11 Upvotes)

No. 8 – Kansas 24 – Texas 21

These jokes will never age. Here’s more if you need them.

Ty: “Kansas? With three wins? They only play Texas once.” SAVAGE (10 Upvotes)

No. 9 – More on Dax’s Decision

Norman is the name the elderly man at your church who always volunteers to take out the trash, not the name of a city. #Dax2Stilly

okpokes: anyyyyywhere but Norman. (9 Upvotes)

No. 10 – Jayden Jernigan

So excited to see this kid suit up in BPS. He’s an animal!

Son of a Cowboy: As a former HS defensive line coach, I really like the way this young man plays. Nice extension and separation from blockers along with being all over the field. He will look great in black and orange! Can’t wait to see him terrorize opponents for 4 years. (8 Upvotes)

Underrated/My Favorites

Are they really called the Magpies? *Googles: AFL Magpies. Wow.. the Collingwood Magpies*
That’s just a terrible name, I’m sorry.

Chancepokes: Mason Cox scores the winning goal in the AFL Grand Final to secure another Premiership Cup for the Magpies. (5 Upvotes)

Tumbleweeds and Tornadoes was objectively the best thing we’ve put on the site all week. This comment is so underrated.

Clint: I am ALL for it…ONLY if we can have the Tumbleweeds and Tornadoes Divisions! That would be the most B12 thing EVER! Nicely done… (7 Upvotes)

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