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Top 10 Comments: OSU’s Beer Sales, the QB Position and New Nicknames?



It’s that time of the week again. Last week, our comment section was filled with humorous banter surrounding OSU beer sales, heated debates on the QB situation, and the berth of a few wonderful nicknames. Lets get to it.

1. On OSU Beer Sales

Let’s give this comment some context. OSU sold beer for the first time against Missouri State two Saturdays ago, and PFB reported on some fan reactions and general first impressions. In the comments section, OSU Student left a rather lengthy, comma-filled comment. The initial comment didn’t deserve mention in the Top 10 comments, but boy, he set himself for a home run and wasted no time blasting it over left field. Check out the exchange below:

OSU Student: I get that having beer in the stadium is cool and all, but if you would rather have to pay $75 for a 10 ounce cup of beer, while not being allowed to leave at any point of the game, than getting plastered before the game, leaving at halftime for a couple of rally shotguns, and then running back in for the second half in a revamped drunker stooper, then you’re either rich enough to do that inside the stadium, or you’ve never partied hard enough (0 upvotes)

Chris: That’s quite a sentence. (11 upvotes)

OSU Student: I had to pause in the middle of it, go shotgun a beer, and come back to finish it. (25 upvotes)

OSU Student. This was quite an impressive bounce back! The comment game didn’t start off strong with this lengthy post… But you really fired the people up in the reply.

2. On Gundy’s Radical idea for NCAA Redshirt Rules

AluminAZ: Gundy and the NCAA should consult Perry Ellis on how extended eligibility works. (13 upvotes)

Jokes about Perry Ellis’s age and tenure in the Big 12 will never get old. Side thought: Who is the most Perry Ellis-esque player in Oklahoma State basketball history? Recent memory says Phil Forte of course, but that’s only if your criteria is tenure. If we are looking at actual age, Daniel Bobick?

3. On The 2018 QB Debacle, and Taylor Cornelius’s Performance Thus Far

Kspokesfan: TC needs to be given a chance. I’m not sure he will be the starter at the end of the season but he has earned his chance. I have faith in the coaching staff to make the right decision. This young man has set patiently waiting for his chance to start. (12 upvotes)

I agree that TC needs to be given a chance. In fact, I think he’s done pretty well thus far. His short-intermediate throws look great, but I’m not sure that I have faith in the coaching staff on this one. Gundy’s track record has shown that the best QB often emerges because he is forced to play such QB (see Rudolph, Weeden), rather than because the coaches correctly evaluated the best candidate.

4. More Love for TC

OSU Student: I’m not saying that he played great, because he was not very sharp at times last week, but I’ve never seen a guy that just completed 73% of his balls for 300 yards and 5 TDs get ridiculed this bad in my life. Lol. (12 upvotes)

I think the root of the frustration with Cornelius stems from the fact that his predecessor threw (and still throws) a beautiful deep ball. Like I said above, Cornelius threw some great intermediate balls, and seems to be better throwing over the middle than Rudolph was! However, in a high-paced, high-scoring Big 12, fans expect the Pokes to connect on deep balls, so until they see some more consistency on throws down the sideline, or a worse performance from QB2/QB3, I wouldn’t be surprised if the criticism continues.

5. On Virginia Tech-Florida State last week

davids: I predicted VT straight up against the Seminoles. VT has a good schedule and a talented team. Cowboys didn’t get much love for their W last year in the bowl game, but it was tough hard fought win! (11 upvotes)

Great point. While last year’s team had CFP hopes, the Camping World Victory was certainly a good one against a tough Va Tech team. Nice prediction, davids.

6. On a 4-Star RB’s Potential in Stillwater

OKsailor: You’d get Bulletproof Glass. (10 upvotes)

CowboyinKansas initially commented: “Putting Glass in the Glass factory. Hmmm.” Which garnered the above response from OKsailor. Deondrick Glass, a 4-star RB from Houston who many think might be Stillwater-bound, could indeed be the next in line to be sculpted by the magician himself, Coach Glass!

7. The Video Board Love from Last Week

Al: Gundy asked about when they turned the video board on, thinking it didn’t work for some reason.
Personally I think they should keep the video board off during pregame warmups, so the other team can’t get used to it. That’s a bit of a twist for the opponent. (10 upvotes)

Interesting thought here. Selfishly though, if I’m a fan in the stands for pre-game, I want to see that board lit up!

8. On OSU Beer Sales in Baseball Games v. Football Games

Kspokesfan: I’ll take a shot at that…. The pace of a baseball game is slow and the attendance is lower. Percentage wise it would make sense that the beer sales of a baseball game would be higher. (9 upvotes)

Kspokesfan, in an attempt to explain why comparing baseball beer sales to football beer sales doesn’t make sense, makes a good point. The culture and pace of a baseball game would naturally contribute to a higher-percentage of consumption amongst viewers.

9. QB Thoughts – Keep ’em Coming!

Gumby: I have a COMPLETELY different take on the QB position.
We’ve all been told that TC knows the entire offense, maybe even better than Rudolph did. We’ve also been told Brown (and Sanders) are still getting up to speed, and may in fact be WAY behind Corn. So, what does that really mean? (Focus on the difference between TC and Brown, not the absolute numbers) Let’s assume TC can QUICKLY get them in the right play 100% of the time, whereas Brown can only quickly execute 50%(?) or 75%(?) of the plays. Let’s further assume every play missed either equates to an incompletion, turnover, wasted timeout or ineffective result. Who here is willing to accept a 25% (or even 50%) ineffective rate versus TC’s 4 missed passes?
Now some of you may dismiss this perspective, but I can absolutely guarantee this is, and always will be, at the top of Gundy’s and Yurcich’s decision tree.
Oh, as an aside, getting more reps for Brown in a game situation doesn’t necessarily result in him learning more of the offense. More likely it just highlights deficiencies. (8 upvotes)

ABSOLUTELY, Gumby. The only quarterbacks who can get away without knowing the offense like the back of their hand are the crazy athletic QBs that only need to be told how to run the zone read and/or RPO. Brown found himself in Stillwater later than expected, and Sanders is extremely green. There is no doubt that coaches will accept a few bad tosses, or a slight drop off in athleticism, in exchange for consistent game-management.

10. The Four Horsemen..?

Mark: “The four horsemen” has got to be the greatest nickname for a running back squad ever. (7 upvotes)

I love the four horsemen Boone introduced last week. Not only is the nickname great, but the players are too. Justice. Chuba. JD. LD. They can all go.

The slow week against South Alabama can be explained by the fact that USA stacked the box with an extra defender, forcing the Pokes to throw it around much more than would be preferred. Unfortunately, I’d expect the same from teams watching film, as the Pokes are much more proven at running back than at QB or WR.

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