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I think this is the time of year when I’m supposed to pontificate on 2011 and everything it meant to me, or something like that, so here are the 20 most popular posts (most visited that is) from the first year of Pistols Firing:

20. The New Oklahoma State Basketball Uniforms – Probably tricked a lot of you into clicking on this given what #1 was…

19. RG3 On JG4 – One of my favorite moments of this season, Griffin complaining that Gilbert doesn’t do natural things.

18. What Montee Ball Is Teaching Us – I kind of wrote this as a little bit of a throwaway and didn’t feel like it maintained a consistent voice throughout. Of course I could probably have written about my parents’ dog taking a doody and you guys would have read it at the time of the year (before Bedlam) this was posted.

17. The Mountaineer Mantrip – Big help from the WVU message boarders here. Might double as my favorite comment section of the year.

16. 10 Thoughts On Bedlam – I probably could have (should have) written 100 thoughts on Bedlam.

15. Just Bedlam, Baby – One of my faves, I wrote this at 2 in the morning at Quade’s house the weekend of Bedlam.

14. Depth Chart Thoughts – Easily the most vulgar comment section of the year.

13. When I Fell In Love – The one that kick started this whole thing.

12. Oh Brother Where Art Thou – Easily the most research I did for a post all year. I still owe y’all a follow up to this one.

11. Zac Robinson On The Podcast – Big thanks to him for coming on, really enjoyed talking.

10. 20 for 2011 – The 20 most important people for a successful season. Not my best work, but some pretty decent predictions.

9. 24 Hours – Probably the only thing I wrote and didn’t edit at all. That was just 100% what I was feeling at that very moment.

8. A Little Math – I felt like an understudy to John Nash the second half of the season. That’s what the BCS will do to you I guess….

7. What Are We Rooting For? – The crappiest piece I had to write this year.

6. How I Broke The Uniform News – A few people were not very big fans of me writing this post and, in retrospect, I might not have written it again. I think it was a very naive thing to write the day after the uniform drama.

5. Thayer Evans Takes Down OSU – Thanks for the pageviews Thayer, hope I could help you get a few as well!

4. Another Gundy YouTube Video – At the time I didn’t realize this would turn into such a phenomenon.

3. New Practice Facility – This might have ended up taking the #2 spot if the athletic department didn’t make me take it down.

2. Durant Plays Flag Football – Thanks Deadspin!

1. The New Football Uniforms – Definitely my Colin Cowherd/The Big Lead moment. Was it the right thing to do? I still don’t know, but I don’t really think it was the wrong thing to do. And it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time: as the prelude to the greatest football season we’ve ever seen.

Thanks to you guys, all 111,000 of you, for a really successful 2011 and here’s to doing this for many, many more years to come.

Happy New Year.

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