Five-star Guard Trae Young Commits to OU over OSU, Kansas

Written by Kyle Boone

Five-star point guard Trae Young has officially ended his recruitment on Thursday in a ceremony at his school, announcing he will be keeping his talents in Norman to play for the Sooners.

“It’s been a long process for me,” Young said. “A lot of ups and downs. But in the end, I came to a place of peace. And everything came together for me. That place of peace for me in the fall of 2017 will be at the University of Oklahoma.”

OU’s recruitment under Lon Kruger, which took place over a span of more than three years, ended up being insurmountable for OSU’s Brad Underwood, who entered the game late after taking the job last spring.

Young, who made it clear he prioritized his recruitment based on who needed him the most, chose the Sooners over OU, OSU, and Kansas. With OU losing Jordan Woodard (who tore his ACL last week effectively ending his OU career), Young will likely be a starter from day one at the point guard position in Norman.

“[Lon Kruger] said he’d turn over the keys to the program to me not when the season started,” Trae told USATODAY this week, “But on June 1. I liked that.”

  • Beddy

    1 and done if he is that good

  • CD

    Good luck to him… except for 2 (of 3) we play them next year. He’s only a 1 year guy right?

    • Common Sense

      No, I think he’s at least 2 years, maybe more. He is pretty small for the NBA. He’ll definitely go, but it’ll probably be a similar career path a Evans.

      • CD

        Yup, you are right. Just checked out NBA Draft dot net. He’s not anywhere in their 2018 draft…

      • zachattachone

        I think OU is his best chance at being 1 and done which is why he went there. There’s gonna be a lot of PGs getting minutes at OSU and KU (Even if Jawun and Graham leave). At OU he’ll be like Fultz at Washington or Dennis Smith Jr. at NC State where the team may not be that good but their usage is insane and build a ton of tape being “the guy.”

        • DataAddict

          Don’t kid yourself. OU’s current situation bears little resemblance to UW’s and Lonnie Kruger is a very competent coach, far more so than that of the Huskies.

          Moreover, the Land Thieves have a better-than-decent “supporting cast.” But losing Buddy Hield hurt them bad. He was “the guy.”

          Now, Trae Young is. With him, OU *will* be dangerous, for however long he ends up staying. And I wish him the best . . . except during Bedlam.

      • Sonny

        He thinks he’s a one and done player and even stated in the USA Today article that that’s what he was looking for in a school. I read that and knew he wrong for Stillwater.

  • Common Sense

    Best of luck to him. Let’s not all of a sudden make this kid into a good-for-nothing slacky. OU really, really needed him, and they got themselves a bit of a breath.

    As a side note, who didn’t see this coming? You could tell instantly where he was going to commit by his parents body language. His mom couldn’t stop beaming smiles across the room (She’s a huge OU fan), and his dad looked like he had just seen a ghost (liked KU and OSU, and hates OU).

    Sad we missed him, but we’ll be solid either way. Upwards and onwards!

    • pokeinajeep

      If mama wants her baby boy to stay at home, he’s gonna stay at home.

      • CaptainObvious

        Unless baby boy doesnt want to be around mama anymore, then he will find any reason to leave.

        • DataAddict

          Thank you, Captain Obvious!

  • GoPokes

    We’ll still own OU next year. News flash: basketball is a team sport. In Underwood We Trust

  • PythonPoke

    I predict he’ll get OU out of the BigXII cellar and they’ll finish in at least the top 11 next year.

    • David Einstein

      They have talent. They’ll compete at the top next year in my opinion. Along with us.

      • DataAddict


        • spokepokes


  • James

    Glad he stayed in Big 12

  • TK_1

    I still can’t tell how good he actually is. Draft Express doesn’t even have him in their 2018 mock at this point. A bit unusual for a McDonald’s All American.

  • guest

    Good for him. Should make Bedlam relevant again for the first time in over a decade.

  • Daniel Perreira

    We have two very good guards coming in with this class already. Young would have had to fight for playing time with them, but probably would have won out in that competition. Still, if you are as good as him, why fight for playing time when you don’t have to? OU was a smart pick for him, as long as he doesn’t bomb at the NCAA level.

    • spokepokes

      A good take

  • Doc Holliday

    Simply put he will get beat in bedlam over the course of his career at Oklahoma

  • Guest

    Trae Young’s comments throughout his recruitment point to nothing close to being an “Everyday Guy.” Good riddance.

    • DataAddict

      Don’t be butthurt, bro. The kid seems alright. Besides, Lon Kruger has little patience for @sshole players [unlike Stoops].

      Trae Young would have made a fine addition to Underwood’s cast.

      • spokepokes

        I agree. The Lebron style announcement was a little deva-ish but he seems like a pretty good kid. Good luck to him. Hope he never beats OSU though 🙂

  • davids

    He will make OU much better. They are a very young team. Interesting how the other point guards at OU will respond since Trae’s getting the keys June 1.

    • lpscout

      My thought as well.

  • miller918

    Luke warm take: Young is gonna be a bust, not upset be didn’t pick OSU.

    • David Einstein

      He’s really good.

    • spokepokes

      I don’t think it’s possible he will be a bust. Maybe in the NBA but this guy can ball

  • Stepdaddy

    “[Lon Kruger] said he’d turn over the keys to the program to me not when the season started,” Trae told USATODAY this week, “But on June 1. I liked that.”

    What an amazing quote! What an incredible promise.

    • David Einstein

      We’ve got Juwan so that makes sense.

    • lpscout

      Well, promise them anything,…Definitely puts the ONUS on little Trae. So will there be 1-2 years of his Dad whining about OU fans like he already has? Hope not,…

  • David Einstein

    Good luck to Trae.

  • Clifton Hall

    It’s probably mutually good for us and him, as I don’t see Undie “turning over the keys” to anyone in the program. (Kruger is not necessarily a bad coach for saying something to that effect.)

  • OSU Student

    Wanted to be THE GUY. He couldn’t be that at OSU or KU, so he chose to settle for OU. This shows that all he wants is his stats, and a quick exit to the next level. Not sure if he’ll get that in Norman.