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Travis Ford and the death of the exclamation point

Grammar, man, grammar.



Travis Ford uses exclamation points like Bret Boone used PEDs in the early 2000s — like he might never get the opportunity to use them ever again.

Seriously, of Ford’s last five tweets (all about Marcus Smart, of course) he used 18 exclamation points!


And not one was in the name of irony!!

Here’s a look:

The amazing part to me is that Ford actually uses Twitter pretty well. He’s not incomprehensible, he knows when to use the @ symbol and other various Twitter nuances. It’s just the ending of the sentences that gets him.

He showed some restraint on this one — you know he just wanted to post like 14 of those red and orange emoji exclamation points in a row with a passed out Coach Pierre next to him.

Ben Allen of KOSU suggested to me on Twitter that Ford was like a kid who just figured out you can use more than a period to end a sentence and he just cannot stop doing it. I think it’s more sorority girl-ish. You probably know the difference[1. A leap on my part, I know.] and just don’t care because hey, it’s Marcus Smart!

Heck, Ford’s wife probably bought him exclamation point pajamas he’s slept in every night since Smart told him he was coming back. This is uncharted territory and Ford is treating it as such.

Also, the real story here should be that MARCUS SMART IS HITTING PULL-UP THREES ON TY LAWSON!

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