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Travis Ford is Just Out Here Promising Camaros to Players (Allegedly)



You know … I’m just sitting there enjoying my future brother-in-law’s cooking with my parents and wife when I get a text from Kyle Boone that just says “?!?!?!??!?!?!”

I immediately saw what he was talking about. Here’s the O’Colly on Travis Ford’s (alleged) improprieties towards Stevie Clark.

Former Oklahoma State men’s basketball player Stevie Clark is suing Oklahoma State University, the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges, and OSU men’s basketball coach Travis Ford, claiming he was forced to take psychotropic drugs.

Do … WHAT?!

Clark, represented by Kenyatta Bethea with Holloway Bethea in Oklahoma City, seeks actual and punitive damages for violation of due process, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence, according to court reports.

“Various promises were made with regard to playing time and ensuring that Stevie made it to the next level,” the petition states. “Travis Ford even promised Stevie a Camaro.”

Ford had Clark put on psychotropic drugs without his consent and required Clark to take the drugs to practice with the team, according to the petition. The petition does not state which drugs Clark took.

Wow! Forget the Camaro — which is hilarious, by the way, that Travis Ford would promise Stevie Clark a Camaro … Marcus Smart? OK, talk to me, but get out of here with Stevie Freaking Clark.

But yeah, that “forced him to take psychotropic drugs without his consent” is crazy stuff.

“Stevie began to experience side effects from the medication almost immediately, manifesting in suicidal and homicidal thoughts as well as erratic behavior,” the petition states.

More wow! Where is this coming from?! And why now? Oh, and there was also a least surprising part of the report.

Clark also faced “hazing and disrespect” from teammate Marcus Smart, according to the petition. Smart started ahead of Clark during the one season they shared on Ford’s roster.

Cool, bro.

But seriously, this is not ideal for Ford no matter the outcome. Either Clark is out of his mind or that’s fireable for Ford, and there’s not a lot of in between there.

The crappy part for Ford is that Clark has shown behavior (peeing out of a car window) that he’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff. So whether it’s remotely true or not, Ford’s name is going to be dragged through the headlines. The lesson (as always): don’t recruit crazy people. Or, if Clark is telling the truth (gulp), there’s a much more serious lesson.

Go read the entire thing from the O’Colly.


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