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Travis Ford’s list of favorites on Twitter is something

I just…I don’t even know.



Update: I posted this at 2:53 CST. By 4:28 CST Ford had un-favorited 12 of the 13 tweets.

It was brought to my attention on Twitter that Travis Ford favorited a tweet the other day calling for the head of Mike Yurcich (which, this is an entire post, it not blog, in and of itself) and that led to the rabbit hole that is Ford’s list of the 13 tweets he’s favorited.

I’m just sitting here staring at them and I can’t figure any of it out.

Here’s the Yurcich one:

Then there was this one from September about the Georgia-South Carolina game (??)

Then this one that appears to be promoting some motivational/evangelical talk with literally the worst logo I’ve ever seen in my life.

And this one from 2013 that’s just all the WTFs..

And finally the crown jewel of the bunch in which Travis Ford favorited a tweet in which someone called for his head on Twitter to Doug Gottlieb.

You can see the entire list here.

Honestly the only rational explanation I can even begin to posit is that he accidentally favorited all or most of these. I’ve done it numerous times before and I would imagine someone not paying super close attention wouldn’t bother to notice or remove the favorite.

Still, quite the collection.

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