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Tweets From The OSU Missouri Game




As always, I was trolling the interwebs during the OSU Missouri game looking to bring you some of the best 140-character bits and pieces from around the globe. Here they are…

This was right after Brodrick Brown’s pick. It killed me.


Also very humorous..


That would have been one infiltrated fly.


I think folks in general just don’t watch OSU much…


In reference to the very strange and very staged conversation the receivers had at Bad Brad’s during the Depth Chart piece.


As Travis Haney would say….”Esiason!”


As they tend to do.




VERY well played.


I have no idea why, but this is true.


For the haterz.


This was when the chain was broken in the second half, I think I laughed out loud.


Justin Gilbert looked phenomenal.


As most tend to do…




Back with more thoughts tomorrow. Enjoy yourself some Bucky tonight. They’ll have to win by 300 to pass OSU so feel free to fully indulge.



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