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Tweets From the Texas Game



I love being on Twitter during games. Heck, I find myself sometimes looking at Twitter more than I’m looking at the actual game on TV (does that undermine whatever credibility I have as someone who “covers” Oklahoma State?!). Here’s a collection of some interesting tweets from today during the Texas game…

It never came but I felt it too. It’ll get here at some point. I wouldn’t mind it being during an 11-0 Bedlamgeddon game.


Interesting take from one of college football’s leading voices…


This made me laugh.


This did not…


I bet Walt Garrison was.


This is like Bill Simmons tweeting at me and saying, “I REALLY LOVED THAT POST YOU WROTE ON JOSH COOPER THE OTHER DAY, KYLE!!”


I asked him if he meant in the broadcast booth or just in general. He said just in general.


Jeremy Smith trending worldwide. At least I think that’s OSU’s Jeremy Smith, unless the Tasmanian cricketer, the Australian singer, or the British biophysicist did something tight today?


Really weird, bizarre observation.


As noted earlier, Sean McDonough was having a field day with this…


Noted here.


From one Cowboy to a bunch of others…

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