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Tyron Johnson Says He’ll Be Featured in Both Kick and Punt Returns



On year ago, Mike Gundy stashed Tyron Johnson away in one of those unused rooms in the depths of Boone Pickens Stadium. He was given a playbook and access to the training facility.

In addition to the NCAA transfer rules (keeping him off the field), Gundy’s own first-year media rules (keeping him away from a mic) served as an attempt by the head coach to conceal Tyron’s true identity —  an obviously-talented and athletic playmaker. And potentially the second coming of Dez Bryant in Stillwater.

Being finally made available, Johnson chatted with PFB during Oklahoma State’s Media Day on Saturday. There hasn’t been this much hyperbole surrounding an Oklahoma State transfer since Tyreek Hill, and it looks like the two might have something else in common.

“Yes, I will be involved in both kick and punt returns this year,” Johnson told PFB. It’s something the LSU transfer says he takes pride in. “Some people just do special teams because they have to do it, but that’s something I have a passion for. It’s like my second love. ”

Who returns kicks and punts has been an understated questions throughout the offseason. Jeff Carr and Jalen McCleskey both return with two seasons of experience as returners but neither really wowed us. The Cowboys have only scored one true return touchdown since Hill’s historic Bedlam moment three years ago.

Mason Rudolph gave as some insight into Johnson’s make-you-miss agility that could be perfectly suited to the return game.

“In the open field, I think he may be the best receiver we have right now with the ball in his hands with people in front of him,” said Rudolph. “James [Washington] and [Jalen] McCleskey are guys that are going to run by you and jump ball, ball skills and all that. But he’s going to have a great year.”

Whether or not Johnson draws actual Dez comparisons on the field, is yet to be seen. But with all the chatter coming from inside the program, it’s hard not to get excited with potentially three years worth of highlights to come.

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