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Uni Roundtable: OSU builds the perfect helmet

Plus we talk Colorado throwbacks, Illinois gray, and what Arizona did that made Porter like them.



Welcome back to the Uni Roundtable. We talk vintage helmets, faded shoulder pads, the best socks, and which position cares most about how it looks.

Let’s get going.

Porter: We’re getting started early this week because I’m fired up. Greek nation is coming for my head and OSU just trotted out the best piece of equipment in its uniform history.

The craziest part? I’ve seen a lot of people on social media say they “hate” these helmets. Not “dislike” or “meh” them but “hate”!


My reaction (to steal from a previous Southwell email):


What gives? What does the hate stem from?

Southwell: I wouldn’t worry about the Greeks coming for your head for awhile. They need to rest up. But seriously, I get that they feel unappreciated. Literally all they would have to do to fix that is stay for the second half of games and then there’s no problem at all.

The helmets, my gosh, how can you not like them? Down to the smallest details, they were perfect. The socks were amazing as well.

I can understand how people wouldn’t like them with the uniforms because it’s a throwback look with the helmet and socks mixed with the modern jersey and pants, but that’s not a reason to “hate” the helmets. Even Wyoming is jealous.

Those who hate the helmets probably hate the new gloves too.


Cunningham: Why don’t they just announce who won Homecoming after the game? Right before the alma mater?

Here’s the play-by-play of my throwback helmet discovery:

• I spotted the kickers warming up as I was walking down the ramp.
• I saw White-Orange-White and just shook my head in disappointment.
• Then I noticed a stripe on the helmet and thought, “that’s better”.
• Then I saw the throwback helmet.

It was shockingly good.

As far as the hate, I think a lot of people just prefer the brand be on the helmet. I don’t think that’s wrong necessarily, it’s the best logo, but this helmet is a great look to use at least once a season.

Has OSU trotted out every helmet demand we’ve had? I guess all that’s left is an orange helmet with a black brand but they’ve really brought their helmet A-game this season.

: That GIF is tremendous. I liked the gloves even though it looked like Tennessee had a baby with Oregon to make them.

Speaking of Oregon…nah, let’s just skip them for a week. It’s too easy.

Three teams that did great work last week:

1. Arizona somehow made me like faded numbers and different-colored shoulders simultaneously (or at least not loathe them).


2. USC’s helmets — I liked them, sue me.


3. Ohio State — That Happy Valley uni matchup was immense.


Southwell: Rickie Fowler could use one of those gloves for Sundays.

I felt like OSU was aiming to please a lot of fans with a helmet like this, and they came through in a big way. This logo shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because OSU has been selling Oklahoma A&M apparel for the last few years.

My reaction to the helmet hate:

Like Carson said, it’s a great thing to bust out at least once a season. We obviously aren’t reverting back to this logo permanently, so the haters need to chill out. If you “can’t recognize” which team is out there, you might not be an OSU fan. (Hint: look for the team wearing orange, black, and white).

I’ve seen a lot of “Wyoming” comments, too. Let’s clear that up.



Here are some other logos that look similar yet are easily distinguishable:

Southern Miss and Iowa.
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.43.14 PM

​Green Bay, Georgia, and Grambling State.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.43.19 PM

Northern Illinois and Washington.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.43.23 PM

Oklahoma State’s helmet game has been phenomenal this season. It’s really making me question my “look good, play good” ideology.

​​Kyle! I’m disappointed in your Arizona pic. Those are the worst sleeves in college football right now. A fade from blue to red puts purple in there. Arizona Purple! And what is Washington State wearing in that pic, 50 shades of grey?

A team that did grey right this weekend was Illinois with their “Gray Ghost” look:s

​Not ideal for Homecoming unless you live in Pleasantville, but it’s a pretty cool way to honor Red Grange.

Cunningham: We’ve mentioned in this space how underrated socks can be. I’d like to reiterate how great they were on Saturday.

Just a great, subtle addition. The longer I study this combo the more I like it.

Nationally, let’s give Colorado their due. The Kordell Stewart Era threads were one of my first Uni Loves.


Sadly, Dan Hawkins murdered their uniforms during his brief stay in Boulder.[1. Is it possible to mention Dan Hawkins and not mutter “Go play intramurals, brutha.” to yourself? I say no.]


But they are BACK. They still stink at football, but they look awesome doing

Porter: I stand by my Arizona love. I’m putting on a Miles Simon jersey to type this.

Love the logo breakdown, Justin. I never realized Southern Miss and Iowa were like first cousins!

Which position of players do you think cares most about how they look? What about least?

Southwell: It’s probably easy to say receivers or defensive backs, but I think quarterbacks care most about how they look… The tiebreaker lies with the sideline ball caps.

Offensive lineman would be my pick for least concerned about their looks. They’re cool with being under the radar.

Cunningham: It’s receivers and defensive backs, for sure. But I’ll never understand why kickers just accept a weak-looking helmet/facemask. It seems they wear whatever they are issued their first day at practice.


I would wear this visor/facemask combo, even if I was a punter. I’d probably throw on some wristbands and refuse to wear a number in the 90s. Even though that worked out quite well for Dan Bailey.


Porter: I think it might be the backup QB. Nobody is getting more camera time other than the starting QB than the backup.

Alex Cate used to go backwards hat and QB wristbands which was egregious. Zac and Weeden both made it work. Rudolph is killing me by walking around with his helmet on all the time. I keep thinking he’s going in!

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