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Uniform Predictions: Baylor-Oklahoma State Homecoming



Here’s a look at our uniform predictions for Homecoming. The great Chris Knox was kind enough to fashion a dreamed-up HoCo helmet for us, and Porter and Cunningham chose the same one (!) Here are the picks.

Kyle Porter

I was a mess for this. I had to have Knox swap out my pick at the last minute after I realized I tried to toss out an orange-black-white combo that was absolutely disgusting. I have zero confidence in this pick, especially after getting some intel on OSU potentially wearing 1987-88 throwbacks, but I’m going to ride with it because the only thing they’ve changed in the past few years is a different historic helmet.

Justin Southwell

We haven’t seen the Brand since Homecoming 2016! We saw how amazing the ‘80-‘83 helmet was last year, so I believe we’ll stay on that path. I think we’ll see the black throwback Brand on a white helmet for another classic white-orange-white for Homecoming. The ‘88 helmets are sure to come next season for a 30 year anniversary of the GOAT.  Full throwback uniforms? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Carson Cunningham

A tradition unlike any other…no, not our beloved Masters golf tournament. The homecoming throwback helmet. We haven’t seen the Bucking Bronco helmet in quite some time and this feels like the right occasion, with a new twist. I love how the equipment staff has turned the homecoming helmet into an annual gift. It’s like Christmas come early. While it’s hard to pair an orange helmet with a clean uni combo, I’ll go with one we haven’t seen: orange-orange-black.

I hope Kyle’s rumors of 1988 throwbacks are true — those should be worn every single year in Homecoming — but I’ll believe it when I see it.

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