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Uniform Predictions for Game 1 vs. Missouri State



Welcome to Week 1 and our latest set of uniform predictions. After last year’s one-point victory, Kyle Porter is already off the rails in 2018 and no games have been played yet. Here are some predictions.

Kyle Porter

This all sounded like a good idea in my head until I actually saw it on paper against the other two predictions. OSU isn’t wearing 1988 throwback helmets against Missouri State. What are you doing, Porter?! I think we’re all banking on a white-orange-white combo, though, because that’s mostly all we’ve seen at the first home game in recent years. The only question is which helmet they’ll go with. Pretty sure it’s not going to be mine!

Justin Southwell

I’m 99 percent sure they’ll run out of the tunnel in white-orange-white. It’s just a matter of which white helmet. I think it makes sense to wear this helmet tonight since we haven’t seen the Icy Pete with this combo yet. It’s flashy enough for Week 1 without being over the top for Missouri State.

Carson Cunningham

If picking uniforms is like bingo, white-orange-white in Game 1 is our free space. The only real question is the helmet. I think the bowl game last year showed us what a difference a face mask can make.

With that in mind, I think they recreate the look from last year’s Game 1, but instead of Patriot Pete they go badge with an orange face mask.

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