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Uniform Predictions: Game 2 vs. South Alabama



Here are our predictions for Week 2 after we all grabbed two possible points last week against Missouri State.

Kyle Porter: It’s going to be a lot cooler this week, and I think they’ll want to rock the blacks during this game ahead of the stadium stripe against Boise St. I feel good about my helmet pick.

Carson Cunningham: I’m picking the same combo as last week. I think we will see white-orange-white in the non-conference, and this is a good spot for it. Though I do like Porter’s theory behind wearing a black jersey with the cool weather. I’m still sweating from the Missouri State scorcher so I can’t come to grips with wearing black for at least another week. Too soon.

Justin Southwell: With all of the home games at the beginning of the year, I think they will break it up with a black jersey. The night game makes the most sense in my opinion, and they will most likely wear orange against Boise next week when the crowd stripes the stadium. No need to change the combo up too much since they wore a black helmet and orange pants against USA last season and it worked out just fine.

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