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Uniform Predictions: Oklahoma State-Tulsa

After a rough Week 2, Cunningham, Porter and Southwell lay out their uni predictions for Tulsa.



After we got a collective one (!) point last week as OSU went black-gray-gray against McNeese, we’ll get at least triple that this week with OSU going on the road at Tulsa and guaranteed to wear the white jerseys. After that, who knows? Here are our predictions for OSU’s last non-conference game of the season against the Golden Hurricane.


Porter: 3 points
Southwell: 2 point
Cunningham: 1 point

Carson Cunningham (WWO): I’m going Patriot Pete with the orange facemask, white jersey and they finally give us the orange pants. I think that would pop so good with that helmet.

Kyle Porter (WWB): OSU went WWB last time they played in Tulsa in that wild 3 a.m. game. I think they run it back this week with the same combo but a different helmet. Out is the cue ball-white OSU, and in is the white brand with the paisley stripe running down the middle. I sustain my lead for another week as both us and the Pokes head into conference play.

Justin Southwell (WWO): As much as I’d like to see a repeat of WWB at Tulsa, I would be surprised to see the combo again this early since they wore it to close out the regular season in 2018 against TCU.

The Cowboys have also had a four-game stretch dating back to last year where they haven’t worn orange. The last time that happened was in the start of the 2011 season when the Pokes didn’t wear their primary until they wore orange pants against Kansas in the fifth game of the campaign.

All that to say, I think it’s time for some orange. I want to keep riding with the brand (which they’ve also worn for the past four games), but I think they’ll switch that up this week. Patriot Pete (orange face mask) – White – Orange.

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