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Uniform Predictions: Texas Bowl

A look at what should be a uni rout.



With just one game to go, there’s no catching Justin Southwell this year. He is Chuba, Carson and I are Kansas State and TCU. It’s over.

But we do still have some Texas Bowl uniform predictions for you as the season winds down and we head into the long, dark 9-month offseason. First, here’s a look at the current standings.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 8.52.13 AM.png

Southwell: I’ll go with all white for this bowl game. It was difficult for me to predict against Texas A&M. I thought about W/W/O to offset their traditional maroon-maroon-white look, but it seems like that combo isn’t popular enough to see it twice in one year. We’ve seen a lot of the black helmet and black pants lately, so I think they’ll switch it up for the bowl.

The white helmet could go a number of different ways, but I really like the thought of the OSU brand vs the aTm brand. We saw a Pete helmet with orange accents (stripe and facemask) to start the 2017 season against Tulsa and they finished the year with a Pete helmet with black accents. I think we might see something similar for this bowl game. We saw the orange brand with orange accents to start this season, so it wouldn’t be too crazy to think there is a black brand with black accents on the way.

A strong start against Oregon State in all white and a strong finish against A&M in all white would be a fun way to remember The Great Chuba Hubbard Season of 2019.

Porter: I’m with Southwell. White-out in Houston to end the year against Texas A&M, which will look great against A&M’s maroon. I’m going with the badge helmet they wore against Texas Tech though. This one.

48856686877_b36b4df9e3_k (1).jpg

Carson: Black-white-orange (the best combo!) with the badge on the helmet and an orange face mask. Also, a reminder ⤵️

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