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Uniform Preview: Oklahoma State-Iowa State in Ames

It’s been a bloodbath.



This year’s uni prediction competition is a bloodbath. Through eight games last season, the leader had 16 points. That number this year puts you in last place through just seven games. Here’s a look at our predictions (including Southwell’s unreal hit on Homecoming last weekend).

Standings (thru Game 7)


Onto this week’s picks.

Porter: OSU loves to go gray pants in Ames, and I think they will again this week with a white-white helmet-top combo. I’m just now realizing that I picked this exact same combo at Texas Tech, and it didn’t hit like I’d hoped and now I’m rethinking the entire thing, but I’ll stick with it because that’s what I put on the pod this week.

According to Southwell’s version of a uniform 2-point conversion chart, OSU went gray-white-gray at Ames in 2015 (W) and black-white-gray at Ames in 2017 (W). In 2013 (W) they went white-white-black so I’m splitting the difference between those three here (or something). Last time they went white-white-gray was at KU in 2014.

Southwell: I’m getting #old because the initial thought I had about uniform predictions this week was, Who cares what they wear as long as they win.
So far we’ve seen WWW, WWO, and WWB on the road this season. WWG makes sense at this point. I’ll ride with the icy brand helmet to complement the gray.

Cunningham: I’m thinking they’re going to go back to a helmet that they introduced a few years ago that some have attributed to the downfall of the program. The Ed Hardy helmet. I think they’re going back to that with white jersey and black pants. I was tempted to go with the Ed Hardy-white-gray, but I’ll go Ed-white-black.

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