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Video: Every Penalty from Saturday’s Oklahoma State-Texas Game



YouTube user “burntorangejuju” created this masterful mashup of every single penalties from the Oklahoma State – Texas game Saturday, minus delay of games, false starts, and intentional grounding. Burntorangejuju highlighted four specific calls that he took issue with. From the user:

1. (1:00) The holding on Taylor Doyle was called by the LJ. The LoS is the 35, where the supposed hold takes place, but the LJ throws the flag at the 22. He either completely made this $#@! up, or he meant to call Vahe for the hold.

2. (2:45) The obvious hold called on the OSU FB that negated the first down took place RIGHT IN FRONT of the LJ at the OSU 28 yard line, however the SJ made the call from the UT 46 yard line, 26 YARDS FROM THE PLAY.

3. (9:30) The fumble and supposed OSU recovery. Three officials (the LJ being one of them) actually go into the pile to see who has possession. After about 3 seconds, the LJ tells the Referee that it’s OSU ball. Literally 3 seconds later, Nashan Hughes emerges from the pile with the ball. Walsh never had more than one hand on the ball the entire time.

4. (12:00) Of course, the bull$#@! Unsportsmanlike where the LJ makes contact with CS.

Watch the video below and make your own judgements:

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