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VIDEO: Tom Herman Loses His Mind on Mike Gundy in Waning Moments of Loss



Texas coach Tom Herman was visibly upset Saturday night in the waning moments of OSU’s 38-35 upset over his sixth-ranked Longhorns, storming the field to show Mike Gundy that, apparently, he’s a man and he’s 43!

The incident took place with less than a minute in the fourth quarter after OSU had just snapped the penultimate snap of the game. Things got chippy on the field after a frustrated Texas player played past the whistle and initiated contact, leading both teams to bow up a bit.

Gundy reacted by going onto the field, quite clearly to get his team away from the imminent dust-up. Herman didn’t take kindly to it and appeared to mouth something along the lines of … well, I’m not exactly sure what he said here.

“When I went out, I was concerned about a fight,” Gundy told ESPN’s Maria Taylor after the game. “I was trying to get my guys back, and he thought I was trying to get in it. It’s just competitiveness. I told him I didn’t want him to think that. I didn’t want it to get ugly. It’s all good.”

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