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Wait, Ramon Richards ate 32 boxes of Franken Berry in two months?

That is a lot of calories.




Mark Cooper wrote a really good (and interesting and serious) piece for the Tulsa World this weekend about the new cost-of-attendance scholarship OSU athletes will receive starting this upcoming school year.

Essentially, OSU athletes on full scholarships are going to receive $3,000 more per year to meet the cost of being alive in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Red Rock ain’t free, people.

The best part of the story, though? This little gem on how Ramon Richards blew through 32 boxes of Franken Berry from Halloween to Christmas.

Murray, who lives in San Antonio, sent Richards monthly care packages his freshman year. They included food, toiletries and sometimes clothes — items that, perhaps, Richards will have the money for with an extra $3,000-plus in his stipend.

One time this fall, around Halloween, Murray send her son 32 boxes of Franken Berry, his favorite cereal.

By Christmas, he was asking for more.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.32.36 PM


That’s 26,000 calories worth of Franken Berry! Can we not get some Franken Berry at the $8 billion training table for this man so his mom doesn’t have to mass ship it?

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