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WATCH: Brad Underwood One-Hops First Pitch at OSU Baseball Game



There’s a lot going on here. Brad Underwood threw out the first pitch on Tuesday night at the Oklahoma State-Arkansas game from in front of the mound. First of all, poor move there. You gotta go toe the rubber like you mean it. Then he one-hopped the pitch.

It wasn’t 50 Cent bad, but it certainly wasn’t very good. Also, those pants, coach. We can get you some that fit! You make a lot of money now!

“I just hadn’t done it in forever,” Underwood told the Oklahoman. “I soft-tossed just a couple. I probably should have gone down… Seriously, I have a very bad shoulder. I used to play a lot of fast-pitch softball and could really throw. That’s what injured it.”

“It felt awkward and I probably should’ve taken the jacket off because about halfway back, it got stuck,” Underwood told the O’Colly. “I’m making excuses for what was a really bad throw. … I probably should’ve just gone submarine-style and gone Dan Quisenberry on ‘em and wing one up there. It was the opportunity to come out here, see the baseball team, see the fans, and the outcome of the pitch was what it was. It was a bad toss.”

As for who he roots for?

“I’m a diehard Kansas City Royals fan,” Underwood told the Oklahoman. “I had one of the greatest years of all time, since 1986. Now, the other 30 years in between – some lean times. But growing up in Kansas, a diehard Royals fan; a diehard Chiefs fan. During my 10 years in Illinois, everybody was a Cubs fan, so I became a Cardinals fan, just because it was in Missouri and I wanted to be different than everyone else. I like going to the ballpark. It’s one of the great enjoyments to literally get away and have some fun.”

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