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Watch: Eddie Documentary Teaser Includes Clinton, Calipari (and is Awesome)



Whooo boy, when my guy Chris Hunt — who is overseeing the Eddie documentary — sent this teaser video to me and told me to take a look and tell him what I thought, I didn’t even know what to say. What does one say when your documentary opens with the 42nd president of the United States talking about an Oklahoma State basketball coach you grew up loving?

I’ve been excited about this Eddie documentary from the beginning, and every step of the process has been more impressive than 1. The one before it and 2. My expectations of it. That’s a good thing, and I hope you’re enjoying following along (and looking forward to the finished product) as much as I am.

If you’re interested in helping 1577 finish off this project, you can support them financially right here. Here’s their own personal update on where the project (hopefully to be released later this year) is at.

In April 2017, we had a successful IndieGoGo campaign which enabled us to begin pre-production and development. Those funds also allowed us to seek additional funding through private investors, which made production possible. Production will be finished in summer 2018, and we are still seeking accredited investors to finish post-production. [1577]

We spoke with Chris on our podcast today, which you can listen to here, and Thomas Fleming did a Q&A with him here.

[vimeo 272988033 w=640 h=360]

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