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Watch: Former OSU Wrestler Daniel Cormier Explains Conan O’Brien’s Rep in the MMA Community



Last night UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier went on Conan O’Brien to discuss his upcoming “superfight” with heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic on July 7.

Here’s a clip from the appearance, where he explains to Conan why the tall, funny man has a bad rep in the MMA community. In good fun, of course.

Then Cormier explained how he’s feeling about next month’s big bout.

“I’m not worried about the height and the size,” said Cormier of his fight with Miocic. “I fought big guys before, and I like challenges. My whole life I’ve chased the biggest challenges, and this is a big challenge.”

They didn’t post it to YouTube, but after this first video he had a pretty funny OSU story about how he’s terrified of birds because once in college he was riding his bike across campus and a pair of them attacked his afro. Not making that up, that’s pretty much exactly what the story was.

He then goes into this portion discussing his nerves going into a fight saying “there’s no place in the world I’d rather be”.

Cormier has recently been coaching against Miocic on TUF 27 and also is volunteering as the head wrestling coach at Gilroy High School in California.

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