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WATCH: Mike Boynton Addresses Cowboys After First Round Win over Liberty

“You ain’t in the Tournament until you win a game.”



[Photo via Denny Medley/Big 12 Conference]

Following a 69-60 win over Liberty in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Mike Boynton gave his team a swift congratulations, a pep talk and a history lesson.

“Now you’re in the Tournament, alright? I wouldn’t tell you that before but you ain’t the Tournament until you win a game,” said Boynton. “You get a chance to stay another night and prepare for another team.”

And win they did, even if it was ugly.

OSU shot just 40 percent from the field and Cade Cunningham made just 21 percent of his shots, a career-low, while the Pokes struggled against one of the toughest defenses in the country.

The silver lining to OSU’s offensive grey cloud was that the Pokes were able to win when shots weren’t falling and with their best player was off. And, the Cowboys did so with potent and pesky defense.

Next up, the Cowboys face 12 seed Oregon State on Sunday. The Beavers are fresh off an upset of 5-seeded Tennessee. It’s a quick turnaround, but that’s nothing the Pokes aren’t used to.

“We’ve been here before,” Boynton said. “That’s why we schedule the way we do. We play day-off-day, right? Five or six times in the Big 12. This ain’t going to be no taller of a task than we’ve already faced.”

Remember that gauntlet last week when OSU played a 3 seed, a 1 seed and then a 3 seed in three days? The Cowboys do.

So what’s a 13 and a 12 in three days? It’s the path to the Sweet 16, and a potential matchup with Brad Underwood, that’s what.

Take a peek at the video tweeted out by OSU, but only at the risk of leaving a Looney Tunes-style hole in the nearest wall.

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