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Watch: Mike Gundy Gives Advice to OSU Basketball Coach Mike Boynton



In what is apparently the first of three video clips coming down the pike from OSU, Oklahoma State’s most inexperienced coach sat down with arguably its most. Predictably, the latter had some advice for the former.

Days after signing a “lifetime” extension with his alma mater, Gundy ran the orchestrated face-to-face chat like he would a team meeting. Mike Boynton held his own as the two talked about coaching, impacting players outside the sport and more.

The questionnaire was obviously scripted and answers most assuredly canned. But the best part about Mike Gundy — and Boynton from what we can tell so far — is that you still believe what they are saying 100 percent.

Check out the video below. And listen to Gundy’s confidence in Mike Boynton’s recruiting chops. (6-foot-10!!)


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