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We Asked, You Answered: Top 3 OSU Sports Memories Over the Last Decade

The list is really great (and long!)



On Tuesday, I sent this tweet, thinking a dialogue about sports is exactly what we need right now.

Reading the responses was cathartic. I knew I’d get a ton of the same responses — who doesn’t love B Weedz and that 2011 title?! — but I wanted to get you all on the record. No backing out. Here’s how you responded…

Matthew — savage with the third!

(A decade is … well, Phillip, I’ll allow it.)

This is the auditing we needed, Terrence. I was there. What little life Lloyd Noble had that night was insta-vacuumed out of the arena.

The Samantha Show show will forever be criminally underrated. We, as a people, will not stand for this.

Boone Bomb, I believe, from Caden. Yes!

The Piccininni pin was amazing. I’ll end on that one.

Thank you guys for submitting these and for participating as we dig deep into the archives for content as coronavirus continues in the weeks and months to come.

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