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Weeden Stats Update

The best quarterback in the state of Oklahoma is on pace for all kinds of records this year.



Photo Attribution: KT King

Before the season started I made some predictions about how the Cowboys would fare this year, and specifically how prolific Brandon Weeden would perform in his senior campaign.

I looked like a fool coming out of the gate after he looked average against Louisiana but everything came together last weekend in College Station for, surely, the most spectacular half of quarterbacking OSU has ever had.

Let’s take a look at where we are with some of those predictions I made as well as a few other Weeden superlatives through four games.

I said Brandon Weeden…

Would throw more TDs than he did last year (34) – On pace for 32.5, easily within reach.

Would break the completion percentage record he set last year of .669 – Currently at an absurd 74.3%

Would be in New York City on December 10I’m going to be the conductor of this train until it happens or we careen off the tracks.

Would become OSU’s all-time leading passer – Needs to average 243 the rest of the way. I’m pretty confident that’s going to happen.

Would set the career TDs thrown record this year – Needs 18 more to tie Zac. That’s definitely hanging in the balance, but I say he gets it. Hell, he might throw for 7 or 8 against KU and Baylor.

  • Weeden currently has more passing yards than 71 other teams have total yards.
  • He leads the nation in attempts per game (48) and is on pace to throw 621 times this year which would break the school record he set last year by 110 throws. BJ Symons says, “so?”
  • He leads the nation in completions per game (36) and is on pace to complete 462 passes which would break his school record by 120 completions.
  • Only eleven other QBs have completed more passes in an entire year than Weeden has through four games.

On Sunday Pat Jones said this about Weeden:

This guy might be Barry Sanders playing quarterback.

Pat is confused and sounds like he’s just trying to spew hyperbole because to compare someone, statistically or otherwise, to Barry Sanders is not a good basis for any argument.

The point remains though, that the aged gunslinger from Edmond is conjuring up historical comparisons the likes of which we’ve never seen come through Stillwater. I hope you’re enjoying the ride.

This post is part of a season-long series on the Heisman hopes of Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. Click here to read more.

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